Planned Parenthood is desperate for taxpayer funds

Nine Texas Planned Parenthood affiliates filed a lawsuit in federal Judge Lee Yeakel's court yesterday, asking Yeakel to block a rule that excludes abortion committers and affiliates from participation in the Women's Health Program, a program that provides preventative care to low-income women.

 Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, comments on the driving force behind Planned Parenthood's lawsuit:

“America’s largest abortion chain is desperate to keep its hands in the pockets of taxpayers.  The Legislature directed a large portion of so-called family planning funds away from the abortion industry and also passed other Pro-Life funding measures, and Planned Parenthood will stop at nothing to force its agenda on taxpayers and on low income women.”

“The state has full authority to set up parameters for how state funds are spent.  The state is never required to include abortion providers in any of its contracts, and state officials have determined the maximum value for the limited health care dollars is achieved by directing Women’s Health Program funds to agencies that serve a larger population with more services.”