Planned Parenthood and Beto Caught Attempting to Register DEAD People to Vote

Earlier this month, the Republican Party of Texas issued a press release revealing that Planned Parenthood Texas Votes (PPTV) was mailing voter registration cards to deceased individuals. The Texas GOP continued their investigation and discovered something shocking. Not only was PPTV sending registration mailers to dead people, but the Beto O’Rourke campaign was also mailing pre-filled registration applications to individuals who had been dead an average of thirteen years

According to the Texas GOP’s findings, the Texas Secretary of State maintains an updated list of who is eligible to vote and who has passed away and is thus no longer eligible. Under the Texas Election Code, it is currently a misdemeanor in Texas to register or vote “under false pretenses,” which include registering or voting on behalf of deceased individuals. 

The radical abortion activists are so worried about their campaigns that they attempted to bait citizens into committing voter fraud. 

When you run a business that kills preborn children for profit, as Planned Parenthood does, or advocates for such atrocities, as Beto does, it is easy to see how one’s moral guide might need some serious recalibrations. But using citizens as pawns for your dirty work is still appalling. 

In response to the discoveries Matt Rinaldi, the Republican Party of Texas Chairman, said

Voter fraud is real and it happens in Texas. The Republican Party of Texas has invested over a million dollars in election integrity for the 2022 cycle to root out and stop voter fraud. We have trained and placed thousands of poll watchers and election workers all over Texas to ensure Texans have the free and fair election they deserve. Efforts by far-left radical groups like Planned Parenthood that encourage illegal activity will fail.

Texas has made elective abortion illegal, but the abortion industry is doing everything they can to get their hands back on Texas babies. This must not happen. 

Planned Parenthood and abortion activists want to convince Texans that women will not be able to succeed in their personal or professional lives without abortion. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

Over 300 Pro-Life pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies across Texas are ready to serve women and families facing unexpected pregnancies. These resources perfectly illustrate that Texas has been and will continue standing with women—without the need for the destruction of Life through abortion. 

At this critical time, Texas women and preborn children need YOU to vote for strong Pro-Life candidates to ensure our laws continue to protect the state’s vulnerable populations from the abortion industry’s grip. 

Make sure to combat the abortion industry’s growing anti-Life fanaticism by voting for Life during Early Voting from October 24 – November 4, or on Election Day, November 8! Find the Pro-Life Voter Guide here.

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