Planned Parenthood abortion biz paid CEO $1 million last year


[BREAKING UPDATE: Planned Parenthood’s President, Leana Wen, was fired on Tuesday, July 16.]

Planned Parenthood released further evidence of their lucrative reign as America’s largest abortion business.  The latest IRS Form 990 from Planned Parenthood reveals that Planned Parenthood’s former-president, Cecile Richards, raked in $1,033,274 running the abortion corporation for the fiscal year of July 1, 2017, to June 30, 2018. 

Richards, daughter of the late Texas governor Ann Richards, used her anti-Life political connections to climb to the top of Planned Parenthood to lobby for taxpayer-funded elective abortion.  Richards stepped down as head of Planned Parenthood last year after more than a decade at the helm. 

During that time, Richards’s salary skyrocketed to nearly $1 million in recent years, more than double what she was making previously.  Many Pro-Lifers have noted, there may be no coincidence between Richards’s ever-climbing salary during her tenure at Planned Parenthood and the sharp decline in non-abortion services.  In that same time, Planned Parenthood gained substantial market share of abortions in the United States. 

With her Texas connections and the abortion mob’s intent to infiltrate Texas with anti-Life candidates, pundits have been waiting to see if Richards steps into another political role with Pro-Life Texas in her crosshairs.  Richards has been busy promoting her anti-Life book and running a political advocacy organization. Thus far she has stayed out of explicitly attacking Pro-Life Texas values, but as the 2020 election approaches, this may change.

Meanwhile, Richards’s daughter, Lily Adams, is using her anti-Life political chops to run the campaign of one of the many anti-Life radicals currently running in the Democratic presidential primary. 

Richards was not the only top Planned Parenthood executive to cash in on the abortion business.  Vice President Dawn Laguens, who has since also resigned, made close to a million dollars with a salary of $891,092.  Additionally, the 14 top executives at Planned Parenthood had salaries that together equaled a whopping $6.2 million.

From where was all this money coming?  Planned Parenthood’s own annual report for 2018, released earlier this year and publicly available, shows that Planned Parenthood committed 332,757 abortions.  There were just 2,831 adoption referrals. Meanwhile, Planned Parenthood continued to receive an astonishing $563.8 million in government funding.  This taxpayer money does not directly pay for abortions, but government funding is fungible, meaning that once taxpayer dollars are in the hands of America’s largest abortion business, taxpayers are paying for abortions, whether directly or indirectly.  Total revenue for the organization was $1.66 billion.

Rather than pretending to move away from the abortion corporation business model, Planned Parenthood is becoming more overt, announcing plans to “super-size” the abortion business.  Richards’s replacement at the head of the abortion corporation is Dr. Leana Wen, hand-picked to legitimize the false claim that abortion is “health care.”  Wen has gone so far as to describe abortion as the “core mission” of Planned Parenthood, a surprisingly candid assessment.

We do not yet have evidence of what Wen is paid to chant relentlessly the lie: “Reproductive health care is health care.  Women’s health care is health care. And health care is a fundamental human right.”  Abortion is a violent procedure that ends the life of an innocent and defenseless human being.  This is not health care and this is not necessary for women.  If Richards’s monumental monetary rewards are any indication, we can expect that Wen, an even more committed anti-Life cheerleader, will likely profit handsomely from the business that took the lives of 332,757 preborn babies in a single year.


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