Overcoming Fear and Choosing Life: Claire’s Story

Claire called our office in a last, desperate prayer to avoid abortion. 

Claire felt trapped, helpless, and alone. She and her boyfriend planned to bring a new child into the world and to raise that child together. But as soon as the news arrived that Claire was pregnant, the father abandoned her, never to return. 

Alone, already raising one child and now with another on the way, Claire believed abortion was the only option. 

She didn’t want an abortion. In fact, she was delaying the abortion, desperately hoping some kind of help would come. But no help came. No family, no support network. She was trapped.

Claire called on a Monday, her abortion was scheduled for the following Friday. She was running out of time. 

Staff member Adrienne Martinez answered. Lovingly, Adrienne informed Claire about the extensive network of resources available to women struggling in difficult pregnancy situations. 

Claire had dreams of finishing her associate degree and of getting a well-paying job so she could raise her children in a healthy environment. 

Adrienne ignited a spark of hope in Claire when she told her how to connect with groups that could help her achieve her dreams, without sacrificing her preborn child. Claire had no idea that choosing Life was an option. 

Still, Claire felt she had no choice but abortion. Her boyfriend left and her friends were all pro-abortion. Adrienne connected Claire with another staff member Sarah Do, who also experienced an unexpected pregnancy and chose Life. 

Sarah and Claire met for lunch and they had an immediate bond. As they spoke, Claire shared her feeling of being trapped, saying she didn’t want abortion but adding; “I feel like my hands are tied and I don’t know what to do.”

Both Sarah and Adrienne offered Claire hope and love. They told her that the Texas Right to Life team was praying for her, and that they were ready to help and walk alongside her in any way she needed. 

Despite all this, Claire’s world still felt dark and hopeless. She was convinced that abortion was the only choice. She was abandoned, betrayed, and heartbroken. 

Friday came and Claire texted Sarah from the abortion facility parking lot. She begged God for a sign of hope, a sign that she should not go through with the abortion. 

Driving through the abortion facility’s parking lot, Claire looked around and saw the women around her. They all looked miserable. Perhaps, like her, they had been convinced abortion was the only option. Perhaps, like her, they all felt trapped. 

The parking lot was full; Claire circled around multiple times but she could not find a spot. 

This was her sign. 

Claire chose Life. 

She felt overwhelmed but also relieved. She had chosen Life, but she knew the road ahead would not be easy. 

We are very grateful that God led Claire to us and that we were able to help her reject abortion. 

Now we are grateful to continue to help Claire choose Life every day. We will continue to stand with Claire and to offer her all the support and love that we can. 

Great personal courage is needed to choose Life, and to seek out and accept the help offered. Claire is a courageous and strong woman. We are thankful to know her and that she bravely chose Life for her child. 

You, too, took part in encouraging Claire and rescuing her child. Without your support there would have been no phone number for Claire to find the care and resources she sought. Every single day you help mothers, parents, and families choose Life. 

All around us there are people who, like Claire did, feel trapped and alone. We are called to stand with them. The world tells these people abortion is the only option. As Pro-Life Christians, our voices, love, and care are desperately needed to help others choose Life. 

As Mother’s Day approaches, let us take this time to thank all mothers for their courage and selflessness in choosing Life. Let your mother, grandmother, wife, or friend know how much you love and admire her by making a gift to Texas Right to Life in her honor. This gift will not only honor the incredible mother in your life but will help and equip other mothers to choose Life.

*Claire is a pseudonym, used to protect the privacy of the brave mother whose story this article is about.