One Mother´s story Celebrating a Life Bigger than a Filibuster

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One Mother's story Celebrating a Life Bigger than a Filibuster

Austin, TX – Today, Red State Women released its second installment in a series of personal stories of real Texas women. Mia Garza McCord’s story is that of a working mom whose passion for family and unique perspective on Sen. Wendy Davis’ filibuster inspired her to share her experience.

Mia served two very different, yet significant, roles last summer during the pro-life debate in the Texas Senate. She was Chief of Staff for Republican Sen. Kelly Hancock and a proud new mother. While Sen. Davis was capturing national media attention by filibustering in favor of late term abortions, Mia’s son, John Mark, born at 26 weeks, was fighting for his life in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit across the street from the Texas Capitol at Brackenridge Hospital

“The way John Mark came into the world was for a reason. We decided that telling his story might help save the lives of babies along the way,” Mia said. “Just next week we will celebrate his 1st birthday and the joy he continues to bring our family.”

The importance of this personal story is not only to feature and celebrate the life of John Mark McCord but also highlight the women’s health provisions that were a critical part of House Bill 2, the pro-life, pro-women legislation passed last July. The increase in safety standards to abortion facilities, abortion inducing drugs and the increased oversight of the doctors who perform them were critical to the safety of Texas’ women.

“Texas Democrats hijacked the conversation on what Texas women value, and we’re taking it back,” said Red State Women Executive Director Cari Christman. “Red State Women is proud of the pro-life, pro-women legislation passed by the Texas Legislature that protects babies like John Mark and ensures the women of Texas are no longer subject to substandard care.”

The goal of RSW is to engage, empower and inspire all Texas women to become proud, politically active members of the Republican Party. Today’s video release is one of many to come, sharing the personal stories of real Texas women and the experiences that led them to the Republican Party.