Oklahoma Passes Law Defending Life at Conception

Yesterday, H.B. 4327, an Oklahoma bill defending Life beginning at fertilization (historically referred to as conception), was signed into law. Per Fox News, “(t)he law follows Texas’ groundbreaking statute (the Texas Heartbeat Act) in empowering non-governmental actors to bring civil suits against people who perform or aid and abet abortions.”

Oklahoma’s new Pro-Life law imitates the Texas Heartbeat Act’s unique enforcement mechanism, by empowering citizens to enforce the law through civil lawsuits. The bill was set to take effect immediately so as of May 25, abortion is illegal in Oklahoma.

This is a monumental victory for the Pro-Life movement, the citizens of Oklahoma, and the people of Texas.

After the Texas Heartbeat Act took effect, Oklahoma’s four abortion businesses reported an increase in abortions committed on Texas babies. Now, inspired by the Texas Heartbeat Act’s private enforcement mechanism, H.B. 4327 will not only defend Oklahoma babies, but preborn Texans as well.

Modeled after the Texas Heartbeat Act’s civil enforcement, H.B. 4327 is the first bill since Roe v. Wade to successfully protect Life by banning abortion beginning at fertilization. The law does include exceptions for abortion in the cases of sexual assault, incest, and life of the mother.

Responding in outrage, the abortion industry has already vowed to fight Oklahoma’s new Pro-Life law in state court. “(We) are suing the state of Oklahoma on behalf of abortion providers and advocates to stop this cruel ban and restore abortion access in the state,” Oklahoma Center for Reproductive Rights announced. In their statement, the abortion industry specifically attacked the Texas Heartbeat Act as the inspiration for Oklahoma’s total abortion ban.

The lawsuit against H.B. 4327 will be added to a list of ongoing abortion industry lawsuits against Oklahoma Pro-Life laws, including Oklahoma’s own Heartbeat law.

It is unclear whether the abortion industry will be able to block this monumental Pro-Life law. However, previously the Oklahoma Supreme Court has allowed Pro-Life laws to remain in effect during ongoing lawsuits.

Though the Supreme Court is believed to be set to overturn Roe v. Wade soon, Pro-Life leaders are watching the legal challenges to Oklahoma’s new law very closely. If Oklahoma is successful in banning all elective abortions through civil enforcement, then Roe v. Wade is effectively irrelevant to how bold Pro-Life states can be in their efforts to protect all innocent human lives.

We praise God for Oklahoma’s bold Pro-Life action and pray that all lawmakers and officials will have the courage to defend the preborn and vulnerable.

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