Ohio judge spares Toledo abortion business from just reprimands

An Ohio judge has capitulated to the abortion industry by allowing a substandard facility to remain in operation after the Ohio Department of Health revoked its license and ordered the center to be shut down.

Judge Myron Duhart’s decision blocked the order to close Capital Care Network –Toledo’s last-standing abortion facility. This ruling allows the abortion center to remain open as an appeal is made to the Ohio Department of Health. Department officials concluded after a March hearing that the facility was not able to meet standards required by state law, thus resulting in the revocation of the center’s license and the subsequent order to close.

Ohio, like many states that have taken various steps to ensure women’s health and safety, requires businesses that commit abortions to have a transfer agreement with a nearby hospital. Capital Care Network lacked the ability to obtain an agreement with a local hospital, instead working with a clinic in Michigan – 50 miles away from Toledo. The Ohio Department of Health rightly refused to accept the abortion center’s attempts to skirt the law, stating they had no jurisdiction in another state.

This direct attack on the wishes of the state to protect women and their preborn children is another in a line of refusals that have been dealt in recent weeks. Out of touch with the majority of Americans who support enacting restrictions on the deadly procedure, judges have blocked Pro-Life laws in Mississippi and Alabama.

Though similar to the requirements in Ohio, historic, Pro-Life Texas law, HB 2, is again facing legal challenges. A ruling from Federal Judge Lee Yeakel is expected shortly after closing arguments are given today.  Lawyers for the State of Texas have ardently defended the Texas law that requires abortionists and abortion centers to adhere to higher safety standards that can and do save lives.

Check back with TexasRightToLife.com for updates on the court challenge and the continued attacks from the abortion industry to subvert the will of Texans. 

(photo via National Right to Life)