Ohio abortionist who has killed at least one woman receives award for "outstanding abortion services"

Lisa Perriera may have chosen abortion – the medical field with the least amount of medical scrutiny and the lowest standards—as her specialty because she is simply a shoddy physician.  40-year-old Perriera has killed innumerable preborn children in addition to at least one woman since assuming her role as a medically-trained killer.  According to the abortion lobby, however, Perriera is worthy of admiration and accolades – which she received at this year’s annual “Abortion Provider Awards.”

The Awards, hosted by the euphemistically-named “Physicians for Reproductive Health,” honor two abortionists every year—one young and one old.  This year, the week of the sixth anniversary of notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller’s death, Perriera received the “George Tiller, MD, Abortion Provider Award.”

Tiller was a delusional man who offered such services as baptism and chaplain counseling for the parents of the full-term babies he killed.  He referred to the babies as “stillborn,” and would provide parents with a certificate of stillbirth after he killed their children.  This is the man whose legacy lives on in abortionists like Perriera.

But, even Tiller believed: “The woman is the patient and the fetus is the problem” – a mantra Perriera apparently forgets as women lay on her abortion tables.  In 2014 – just a year prior to receiving the Tiller Award – Perriera killed 22-year-old Lakisha Wilson, the mother of a 5-month-old preborn child and a 2-year-old son.  Autopsy reports showed that Wilson’s death was preventable, but shoddy monitoring at the abortion mill led to an untimely death.  According to Pro-Life group Operation Rescue:

According to the report, Wilson suffered from “uterine atony,” which is a condition where the uterus does not properly contract after the abortion and thus leads to hemorrhage.  Wilson suffered blood loss and went into shock, which was not immediately detected, or she would have been treated and stabilized.

Wilson did receive medications at Preterm that cause uterine contractions in an apparent effort to control the hemorrhage, but it appeared to be too little, too late.

Depressed respiration caused by sedation administered by abortion clinic personnel may have contributed to the lack of oxygen Wilson’s body received, compounding the medical crisis she experienced due to blood loss.  As a result, Wilson suffered cardiopulmonary arrest and subsequent fatal brain damage while at the Preterm Abortion Clinic before paramedics were called.


The bottom line is that if Perriera cared about the women on whom she commits abortions, Lakisha Wilson would be alive today.  Her preventable demise is the direct result of carelessness on the part of her abortionist.  Wilson’s toddler son would not be motherless today, and her family would not have mourned the loss of her Life cut short at the age of 22.

Wilson may not be Perriera’s only maternal victim, either.  Just six weeks ago, another patient was transported from Perriera’s abortion mill while she was on duty.  The patient came out on a gurney “wrapped like a mummy” from head to toe.  The patient had no IV attached to her, no ongoing medical treatment was witnessed, and the ambulance remained parked for fifteen minutes after the patient was loaded up before departing.  Whether the patient was even alive when she was taken to the ambulance is unclear.

But this abortionist, Lisa Perriera, enjoyed the gushing praises of her compatriots in late May.  These included actress Martha Plimpton, who pontificated: “Abortion is medicine, not morality.”  Plimpton did get half of the statement right: Abortion is definitely not morality, especially from where Lisa Perriera is standing.  But neither is abortion medicine, because medicine, by definition, heals, while abortion kills.  And kills.  And kills.