ObamaCare: One Year Later

This March marked the one-year anniversary of the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or ObamaCare.  Over the past year, there have been numerous concerns raised that ObamaCare will result in taxpayer funded abortions.  Several events of the year prove these concerns valid.  Along with these concerns, a new national poll shows that public opposition to ObamaCare is increasing.

The Pre-existing Condition Insurance Plan of ObamaCare allows states to organize “high-risk” insurance pools and distribute federal funds through them at their discretion.  This procedure allowed Pennsylvania, New Mexico, and Maryland to include coverage of elective abortion in their “high-risk” pools.  The Department of Health and Human Services approved these plans, and it was only after the National Right to Life Committee exposed this practice did the Obama administration enact a rule against using these insurance pools to fund abortion. 

Another concern of ObamaCare is what will be covered under the act’s mandated “preventative care for women,” the parameters of which are to be determined by the independent, non-profit Institute of Medicine.  They are being urged by organizations that promote abortion to include all FDA approved contraceptives under the “preventative care” umbrella.  If approved, this would cover “emergency contraceptives” like the new drug Ella.  It has been proven that Ella destroys an embryo after implantation, and in this scenario, Americans would be forced to pay for such abortion causing drugs through their insurance premiums.

As the battle to prevent ObamaCare from funding abortions wages on, public opposition to the law is near record highs.  A March, 2011 Rasmussen national telephone survey found that 50% of voters feel that ObamaCare will have a negative impact on the country.  Only 34% of voters feel the act will have a positive impact.  The survey revealed that 53% of voters favor repeal of the law, while 42% oppose repeal.  It is interesting to note that not only do a majority of Americans favor repeal, but 50% of Americans asked now think repeal is likely. 

The Rasmussen report also showed that Americans are well aware of the economic pitfalls of ObamaCare: 43% of voters feel repealing ObamaCare would be good for the economy; 22% think repealing ObamaCare would be bad for the economy; 21% believe repeal would have no impact on the economy; and 14% are undecided. 

Pro-Life organizations and activists must continue to fight ObamaCare.  While the Republican-controlled House of Representatives voted to repeal the law earlier this year, the measure is virtually dead in the Senate where Democrats have a majority.  Please continue to contact your elected officials, and let them know that you support life and favor the repeal of ObamaCare.  The following website is a great resource for contacting your representatives:  http://www.usa.gov/Contact/Elected.shtml

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