Obama uses women as political pawns

President Obama claims that he has women’s best interests at heart and that he is attuned to the plights and struggles every woman faces.  He is so dedicated to the female population in the United States that he has launched a new campaign strategy for 2012, urging women to help re-elect him for a second term.  

Obama's campaign specifically targets women because the campaign states women are among the minority voting groups Obama is hoping to reinvigorate.  “Women for Obama,” led by Michelle Obama, is the initiative that focuses on encouraging women to stand up for the pro-abortion president because he promises to stand up for them.  “Standing up” for women in Obama’s eyes means providing them with free, abortion-inducing birth control and unmitigated access to the largest abortion provider in the world – Planned Parenthood – all on the taxpayers’ dime.

Obama has enlisted the help of Heather Colburn, former EMILY’s List and Planned Parenthood employee, as his National Women’s Vote Director to push his fundraising effort and promote his “pro-female” position.  This is in line with the numerous abortion proponents Obama has appointed to his cabinet, committees, and the Supreme Court in the past three years.  Many have been directors, board members, and major supporters of abortion organizations like NARAL, EMILY’s List, and Planned Parenthood.  

Women for Obama groups were popular in Texas and around the country during the 2008 election cycle.  The Obama campaign is now filtering into Texas again in small house meetings and “prayer lunches.”

Obama says that it is women and girls who are suffering the most – socially, politically, economically–yet abortion does not serve them well, but ill.  The president has confused abortion with empowerment.  He does not know what women are capable of achieving when given real opportunity, not his fabrication of it.  Obama does not understand the strength of motherhood and the firm status women already hold in this country.  His need to “elevate” women to where he can use them is arrogant and misogynistic.

Obama has bought into the modern feminist idea that women experience empowerment in part through sexual freedom without consequences.  Yet, empowerment should mean helping women stand strong, even in the face of an unintended pregnancy.  Empowerment should mean allowing women to consider all their options – not just abortion – and supporting those women who are suffering because of an abortion.  If the president truly believed in the exceptionality of women, he would encourage them to embrace their femininity – strong, capable, adaptable –not stifle it by saying the only way to elevate themselves is to kill their unborn children simply to win votes.