Obama underestimates America´s Pro-Life youth

President Barack Obama has re-launched his strategy to mobilize people under forty that won him the presidency in 2008. He hopes to again drum up the youthful army to win reelection in November.
Formerly “Generation Obama,” the President is hoping his scheme — now deemed “Gen44” — will re-rally his younger troops to promote the most radical, pro-abortion agenda this country has ever seen. 
In 2008, Obama rode into the presidency on the backs of young Millennials who voted for his “change.” However, the President may face a tougher time this go-around because the majority of young people today are more Pro-Life. 
Gallup polls in recent years have shown that the majority of Americans identify as Pro-Life. And now, younger Americans are even more Pro-Life than their parents’ and grandparents’ generations. 
According to the American Community Survey, conducted by the National Census Bureau, nearly four million American citizens turned 18 in 2009. There are roughly 15 million young people who are now of voting age who were not eligible in 2008. 
Therefore, it is no surprise Obama is reaching out to this group; he has disillusioned himself with most Americans, so now he must reach out to the newly eligible citizens. 
However, of these American citizens Obama is hoping to rally, all have been born after 1973 and the Roe v. Wade decision.  Many in this generation are not blind to Obama’s abortion agenda. They have seen the effect of abortion firsthand, and their view is vastly different from that of previous generations. 
Among the millions of young people the President will try to sway this November is the strongest, most passionate Pro-Life majority in the country. These young people will not be persuaded by gimmicky slogans and celebrity players. They stand for truth and strive for an end to abortion, and they know this president will never abandon his abortion-promoting convictions. 
The nation’s largest March for Life this past January was inundated with high school, college-aged, and young professionals. More and more, young people are participating in Pro-Life events, voicing their abhorrence of the abortion industry, and standing for Life even when peers, teachers, and governments threaten and persecute them. This generation continues to speak in volumes about the atrocity of abortion and the impact it has had on their generation. 
Since 2008, Texas Right to Life has been able to aid over thirty college students with scholarships who strive to be a Pro-Life voice on campus – and we keep growing stronger. 
The “Generation Now” scholarship has helped Pro-Life students at some of Texas’ largest universities; these students stand out against the anti-Life climate as rays of light illuminating the truth about abortion. These outstanding students are volunteering at local pregnancy centers, hosting events on campus with Pro-Life leaders, and even awarding parenting students with the means to continue their education while raising children. 
America’s youth are taking a stand against the injustice of abortion and the pain it has inflicted on the entire nation. As Gen44 and Obama work to rally their younger base, the younger, Pro-Life majority is ready to fight back against his rabid, pro-abortion attack on preborn, American citizens. 
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