Obama, Planned Parenthood grasping for American youth to save disastrous healthcare law

With failing numbers and a seemingly utter distaste from the general public, Obama officials have commissioned abortion advocates to boost signups for the anti-Life healthcare law.
Among the groups advocating for the unpopular, and difficult to navigate, law, Planned Parenthood is pushing the law in full force on young Americans.
The Obama administration has stated that for the federal marketplace to work properly, reduce premiums, and to compensate for the costs of older, higher-risk patients, 40 percent of all those seeking insurance must be younger Americans.
Planned Parenthood has teamed up with the administration, claiming “Obamacare + Planned Parenthood Health Centers” to be a “perfect match!” The abortion giant has launched an entire website in conjunction with Enroll America and Get Covered America, to promote the health law: PlannedParenthoodHealthInsuranceFacts.org.
However, enrollment numbers are so dismal, especially among the youth, that the liberal left has resulted to nagging young people to enroll in the new healthcare law by today's deadline of March 31st.  The abortion giant has mastered the ability to prey on the younger generations, thus Planned Parenthood is sending people door-to-door to force the law on families.
A source close to Texas Right to Life stated, “I had a door-to-door Planned Parenthood activist at my door…their pitch was being a premier healthcare provider for Obamacare. Asked that I sign a card and he’d just provide information to me, but the card clearly stated that in signing I would be in support of Planned Parenthood.”
Claiming the number one committer of abortion in the country to be a “premier healthcare provider” is like saying Wendy Davis filibustered for 11 hours because she seeks to protect preborn children.
The abortion giant has added to their door-to-door ploys, by sponsoring parties to lure Americans into signing up. Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast hosted a “#GetCovered” party on March 24 in Houston. From their Facebook page: “PPGC's Certified Application Counselors will be on hand to help you apply for health insurance coverage in the ACA marketplace while you also enjoy perusing Melodrama's latest fashions.”
The “Boutique Block Party” where patrons were able to “Get clothes. Get cuisine. Get covered” was no doubt a blast for the handful of people confirmed to attend.
Planned Parenthood and the Obama Administration’s attempt deceive Americans into thinking the healthcare law is good for them, let alone affordable, is crumbling before their eyes.
Much to the dismay – and apparent shock – of the left, today’s youth are not clamoring to sign up for healthcare that is praised and promoted by abortion committers, nor are they swarming to become part of a broken – or never worked in the first place – system.