Nurse quits after witnessing the brutality of dismemberment abortion

Brenda Pratt-Shafer worked in an abortion mill for three days.  After witnessing a dismemberment abortion, Pratt-Shafer, a registered nurse, realized the horrifying truth about abortion.  Before her three days working in an abortion mill, Pratt-Shafer considered herself “pro-choice.”  But once she had seen a living child torn limb from limb in a dismemberment abortion, she knew she had to quit her job and she became a committed Pro-Life advocate.

In her 2016 book, “What the Nurse Saw: Eyewitness to Abortion,” Pratt-Shafer describes her experiences during her brief time working as a nurse in an abortion facility.  In particular, she describes in graphic detail the dismemberment abortion that altered the course of her life.  During the dismemberment abortion, the abortionist used an ultrasound to view the baby and abortion instruments in the woman’s body.  Through the ultrasound, a window into the womb, Pratt-Shafer saw the abortionist violently rip limbs from the living baby’s body.  While the child’s heart was still beating and he tried to escape the instruments, his leg was ripped from his body—all before Pratt-Shafer’s eyes.

In a review of Pratt-Shafer’s book, Sarah Terzo writes:

Pratt-Shafer witnessed the moment the baby died.  Since the baby had already suffered a torn off arm and leg by the time his heart stopped beating, the child must have felt excruciating pain.  The baby was still aware enough to try and get away from the abortion instruments, even when partially dismembered.  It’s also notable that the life or death struggle on ultrasound was hidden from the mother.  Had the mother known that her baby was going to be violently dismembered, she may have never consented to the abortion.  The abortionist was careful to hide the truth from the woman.  In fact, she may not even have known her baby had a heartbeat.

Dismemberment abortions, which are one of the most common methods of abortion, end the lives of fully formed children.  Babies who die in dismemberment abortions have all of their organs.  They undeniably have a heartbeat and brainwaves and respond to stimuli.  If people knew these scientific facts, how could they claim dismemberment abortion should not be banned?

Pratt-Shafer’s description of a violent dismemberment abortion is difficult to read.  However unpleasant her graphic description is, we must face the reality of what dismemberment abortion is if we are ever going to change minds and hearts.  While the Texas Legislature considers the Dismemberment Abortion Ban this session, anti-Life activists refuse to acknowledge the reality of dismemberment abortion.  Although no one wants to talk about this ugly violence in Texas, talking about dismemberment abortion is the only way we can hope to end these barbaric and inhumane abortions in our state.

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