Noteworthy Anti-Life Adversaries of the 87th Legislative Session

The 87th legislative session can appropriately be described as a great victory for preborn children but a devastating loss for vulnerable patients. Unfortunately, vulnerable patients once again fell by the wayside as the Legislature did not address the deadly 10-Day Rule of the Texas Advance Directives Act. The success for preborn children came thanks to the passage of the Texas Heartbeat Act (Senate Bill 8) and the complementary increase in funding of the Alternatives to Abortion program, which provides free social services to Texas women and families that are pregnant or newly parenting. Despite these successes, there were two distinct representatives that made themselves uniquely audacious adversaries against life-saving progress: Representative Donna Howard (D-Austin) and Representative Julie Johnson (D-Dallas).

For years, Donna Howard has been one of the main House puppets for Planned Parenthood and other abortion mills, which make huge profits off the killing of preborn children. This past session was no exception for Howard and her lethal intentions. Howard gave multiple anti-Life tirades on the House floor in opposition to nearly every Pro-Life bill that was before the House. She also authored an extremely dangerous bill that would have removed every Pro-Life law. Fortunately, this bill never saw the light of day, thanks to Chairwoman Stephanie Klick (R-Fort Worth). Moreover, Howard opposed any increase in the funding of the Alternatives to Abortion program, which provides social services to women, children, and families through qualifying pregnancy resource centers, maternity homes, and adoption agencies. 

Julie Johnson likewise authored pro-abortion legislation and spoke against Pro-Life bills throughout the 87th Session. Specifically, in the budget subcommittee meetings, which handles Health and Human Services, Johnson also adamantly opposed assisting women, children, and families through the Alternatives to Abortion program. 

Thankfully, both of these representatives’ radical efforts were ultimately unsuccessful. Despite all of this, we know our real opponent is not any man or woman at the Capitol, but Satan himself, as he, the king of lies, attempts to convince our fellow men and women that preborn children are not worthy of Life or protection, and that children’s lives are the price that must be paid for “women’s rights and equality.” We know that killing preborn baby boys and girls will never result in freedom, justice, or peace, but only brokenness, violence, and injustice. Accordingly, Texas Right to Life will continue to work against the deplorable efforts of the abortion industry and their henchmen. Preborn children and vulnerable patients need you to fearlessly stand for Life!  

Visit Texas Right to Life’s Pro-Life Scorecard to see for yourself how your elected officials performed this year.

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