Nick Cannon: Planned Parenthood founder “wanted to exterminate the negro race”

Rapper and actor Nick Cannon used his celebrity to call attention to Planned Parenthood’s systemic racism.   In a recent interview, Cannon said that the problem began with Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.  He stated that “she wanted to exterminate the negro race and that was going to use her organization that she founded to do so.”

Cannon’s 2005 song “Can I Live?” and comments he’s made in interviews have led people to believe he is Pro-Life.  In his recent appearance on Vlad TV he was asked to clarify his views.  Cannon would not say that he is Pro-Life, repeatedly stating that he cannot oppose abortion because he is not a woman.  Once again, he summed up his views saying, “I’m not pro-choice, I’m not Pro-Life.  I’m pro-Nick, ya know, because my mother did go to an abortion clinic to abort me.”

Despite his seeming indifference to abortion, Nick discussed frankly the systemic racism of Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business, stating:

When you look at Margaret Sanger and all the people who follow eugenics and all that stuff — it was all about cleansing.   It was all about, Margaret Sanger said she wanted to exterminate the negro race and that she was gonna use her organization that she founded to do so.  And it actually, it wasn’t, to me, it wasn’t about abortions.  I never speak on abortion.  It was more about the sterilization and what they started with when it comes to just actually ethnic cleansing.  Where they actually said we want to get rid of a class of people, a group of people.  You know, what I mean?  They like to label feebleminded, or lower class. Using terms when they were… that’s what they used in public.  In private, they were talking about the black communities.

When interviewer DJ Vlad said that Planned Parenthood provides “STD testing and stuff like that,” Cannon pushed back.  DJ Vlad attempted to use the same tired soundbites that Planned Parenthood has repeated for years about the “other services” besides abortion to justify the existence of the government-funded abortion behemoth.  Cannon interjected, “And 75 percent of them are all in the hood,” calling attention to the fact that Planned Parenthood affiliates disproportionately expand in low-income urban areas.  Additionally, the argument that Planned Parenthood is providing actual healthcare crumbles in the face of the reality that Planned Parenthood has decreased prenatal care and cancer screenings while abortion numbers remain high.

As Cannon said in another interview, Planned Parenthood is a “real genocide” against the black community.   Margaret Sanger was an avowed eugenicist.  The organization she founded to fulfill her eugenic goals is now motivated by profit.  To benefit their bottom line, Planned Parenthood helps ensure that in New York City, more African American babies are killed in abortion than are born alive.  For money, Planned Parenthood dismembers children in the womb and sells their body parts.  The more people know the truth about Planned Parenthood, the more people will demand that Congress finally defund Planned Parenthood.