New York’s Satanic Abortion Statue is Coming to This Texas City

A golden statue with satanic imagery was installed atop a New York City courthouse in January to honor abortion and memorialize the late Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Its next stop is Houston.

The idol, named, “NOW,” is an 8-foot tall naked female figure emerging from a pink lotus. The woman’s braids are shaped like goat horns, her arms are tentacles, and her judicial lace collar mirrors Ginsburg’s recognizable style. NOW stands upon the Courthouse of the Appellate Division, First Department of the Supreme Court of the State of New York.

A twin piece is located in Madison Square Park across from the court building. The two statues together are entitled, “Havah…to breathe, air, life.”

It is co-commissioned by Madison Square Park Conservancy and Public Art of the University of Houston System (Public Art UHS). The idol will remain in New York through June 4, 2023, and will then travel to Houston in October.

Artist Shahzia Sikander told the New York Times that she titled her piece “NOW” because women’s ability to have abortions is at risk right “now.” She added she created the statue to pay homage to Ginsburg because “she is a fierce woman and a form of resistance in a space that has historically been dominated by patriarchal representation… With Ginsburg’s death and the reversal of Roe, there was a setback to women’s constitutional progress.”


Executive Director and Chief Curator of Public Art at the University of Houston Dr. Maria C. Gaztambide said she is “proud” to bring the statue to fruition:

“With Havah…to breathe, air, life, Shahzia demonstrates how justice is conceptually and actively vibrant across cultures and genders. And yet, while the necessity of justice is universal, it is often blindly applied. Shahzia brings to the fore the imbalances of gender and race through this exceptional work. We are proud to join forces with Madison Square Park in bringing it to fruition, while amplifying its reach beyond New York City.”

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“They turned abortion into a pagan idol to worship and put it on a courthouse,” Billy Gribbin, communications director for Republican Georgia Congressman Rich McCormick, wrote on Twitter.

Conservative commentator Michael Knowles remarked that the statue should not only be removed but publicly destroyed by those responsible for it.

Written on the sculpture is the word “havah,” which she said means “air” or “atmosphere” in Urdu and “Eve” in Arabic and Hebrew, the New York Times reported.

Sikander celebrated, “Eve is also the first law-breaker, right?”

Disobedience to God certainly should not be esteemed by society, much less lauded with a statue. On the contrary, art should reflect truth, goodness, and beauty: three timeless values that reveal the nature of God. Art cannot have beauty without truth. Art cannot have truth without goodness.

A statue honoring child sacrifice has no place in Texas.

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