New York City Spends $138,000 on Abortion Billboards in Texas, Other Pro-Life States

New York City dropped more than $138,000 on billboards in Pro-Life states, pressuring pregnant women to end the lives of their preborn children in the Big Apple.

The billboards read “Abortion. Safe + Legal for All in New York City” with an image of the Statue of Liberty.

The initiative is part of the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Abortion Access Hub, which is directing women to a phone line for information on where to get abortions in the city. The department also spent half a million dollars on online ads to target unborn babies in Pro-Life states for abortions.

The billboards are located in cities such as Atlanta, Georgia; Miami and Orlando, Florida; and Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, Texas, where Pro-Life laws protect unborn babies by banning all elective abortions.

While leftist states try to persuade pregnant women into abortion, Texas is working to increase medical care for mothers, and aims to increase funding for adoption agencies and pregnancy centers. These life-affirming services give women the hope and encouragement they need to choose Life for their unborn babies.

Since the overturning of Roe v. Wade, Democrat-led states like New York and California have been spending millions of dollars to pressure women to abort their unborn babies. Last fall, New York City leaders budgeted $1 million to commit abortions. The city also plans to give out 10,000 free abortion pills this year. In California, elected officials created grants for abortion facilities to increase security and paying travel expenses for women to abort their children.

New York City’s deadly new campaign comes on the heels of Gavin Newsom and other Democrat leaders spending $100,000 on billboards in Texas and other Pro-Life states to push for more abortions.

Texas Right to Life learned that many of the pro-abortion signs purchased in our state last year are staying up for free right now until someone else buys the space. Texas Right to Life launched a campaign to replace the abortion ads.

Will you fight back right now with a gift to take down the pro-abortion billboards and put up a Pro-Life message?

If every Pro-Life supporter contributes, we can stand up to pro-abortion leftists and defend the unborn!



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