New York City Uses Taxpayer Dollars to Fund “Free” Abortions, up to 10,000 per Year


New York City will distribute abortion-inducing drugs for “free” using taxpayer dollars, Democrat Mayor Eric Adams announced Tuesday.

He scoffed, “If men could get pregnant, we wouldn’t see Congress trying to pass laws restricting abortion.”

Chemical abortions kill preborn babies with two pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The first pill ends the child’s life by cutting off blood and nutrition to the baby. The second pill causes contractions and bleeding to expel the deceased baby from the womb. The FDA originally recommended the deadly regimen be used no later than seven weeks’ gestation, but the Biden administration has since weaponized federal agencies like the FDA and extended the approval to 10 weeks despite safety concerns.

Abortion pills will be dispensed starting Wednesday at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene clinic in the Bronx, and three additional clinics in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens are also set to start distributing the medication by December.

The four sites together could hand out 10,000 abortion pills per year.

“No other city in the nation or in the world has a public health department that is providing medication abortion. We are the first,” Adams bragged.

The mayor pledged in his speech that the move would “break taboos” and make New York City a “model” for abortion on demand.

Meanwhile, Texas is determined to provide Pro-Life alternatives to abortion by funding pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, and maternity homes to help women in difficult pregnancies, rather than pitting mothers against their babies. Texas’ 2023 legislative session began January 10 and will last through May. During that time, the Texas Right to Life policy team will push life-affirming measures to create a culture that welcomes mothers, children, and families, unlike “abortion sanctuaries” like New York City.

Pro-abortion groups tripled their donations, but hundreds of Pro-Life donors have left the battlefield because they think the fight is over.

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