New video exposes staggering impact of abortion on black population

In a time when the “Black Lives Matter” mantra makes daily headlines calling attention to racism and police brutality in America, the leading cause of violence-related deaths among blacks is conspicuously absent from the conversation.  A new video produced by Life Dynamics seeks to shatter the stigma around the black abortion epidemic.

The history of abortion in America is a direct outcome of the eugenics movement, which held that the lives of certain populations were valueless and undignified – in fact, groups like African-Americans were referred to as “savage” by the white eugenics leaders of 20th century America.  Life Dynamics reveals that, today, abortion is disproportionately thrust onto communities of color, and now constitutes the leading cause of death among black Americans.

Every week, 4,460 black Americans die of heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes, respiratory failure, kidney and liver disease, septic infections, Alzheimer’s, flu, pneumonia, murder, accidents, and suicide combined.  In the span of a week, the number of black children obliterated by abortion violence is 5,700 – significantly more blacks than all of the other causes of death together.  But media smokescreen these realities by producing puff pieces about Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry, failing to expose the realities of black targeting which occur within Big Abortion.

We cannot, in good conscience, ignore the abortion death toll among black Americans.  The crisis has ballooned to such an extent that in some regions, more black babies are being aborted than bornAnd countless black women have been betrayedand even killed – by the abortion industry.

Life Dynamics has championed the fight against abortion industry racism for years, even producing a full-length documentary on the history of the prejudiced American eugenics movement.  The documentary, Maafa21, is available for free here.  Influential leaders of the black community have praised Maafa21 for shining a light on the injustices of abortion, forced sterilization, and birth control propaganda which have hounded black Americans for decades.

The abortion movement has created a façade of inclusion and tolerance.  But slaughtering 5,700 black babies every week for profit?  That doesn’t sound like tolerance to us.