New film “Darcy” shares one family’s journey of embracing Life for their daughter with a terminal diagnosis

Jason and Tracy Ramos were told their daughter, Darcy Anne, was “incompatible with life.”  Despite the diagnosis of Trisomy 18 before birth and the recommendation of countless specialists to choose abortion, Jason and Tracy chose Life for her.  Their story, and the 15 precious days they shared with Darcy, are captured in a new short film from Moving Works, a filmmaking ministry based in Austin, Texas.

In the film, Jason and Tracy share openly the struggles they faced in choosing Life for Darcy.  They were thrilled to be expecting again and had already decided on the name Darcy Anne.  That happiness was shattered by the prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 18.  Sadly, many parents who are given a prenatal diagnosis of Trisomy 18 are not given information about perinatal hospice care and life-affirming options.  Many parents are above all concerned that bringing their beloved child into the world will only cause suffering.  This understandable fear is strengthened by the pressure to choose abortion from medical professionals.

Yet, Jason and Tracy saw hints along the way that God would be with them.  They chose to bring Darcy into the world and hold her as long as she lived.  Tracy says:

If I would have gotten the abortion, there still would have been pain involved in that decision.  There was pain involved in carrying her to term.  But I would have missed out on all the blessings, all of the people I met along the way, how God showered us with mercy and grace.

Because they chose Life for Darcy, the Ramos family shared 15 days with her that they will never forget.  They shared as much as they could with their precious daughter, packing into her short Life many of the adventures that take place over the course of a lifetime: a manicure and pedicure, trips to the park, dances with mommy and daddy, attending a banquet, riding on her daddy’s motorcycle, going to church.  Tracy says of this time with her daughter, “It was the closest to God we have ever been.”

The story of Darcy Anne Ramos is a beautiful reminder of the value of every human Life.  A child with disabilities is a gift.  Watching Jason and Tracy love and mourn their precious daughter shows us the sacredness of each Life.

“Darcy” is available for free through online release on April 20.   You won’t want to miss this Pro-Life film.