New CMP video shows why Texas was right to pass Dismemberment Abortion Ban

Newly released footage from the Center for Medical Progress reveals another aspect of the horrific reality of dismemberment abortion.  In the video released this week, a Planned Parenthood executive divulges to undercover investigators with CMP that dismemberment abortion is an integral part of the gruesome crime of harvesting baby body parts and selling them for profit.  Not only is dismemberment abortion used to harvest organs, but also abortionists are trained to dismember living children in order to skirt the federal Partial Birth Abortion Ban.

The video focuses on a conversation with abortionist Suzie Prabhakaran, the Vice President of Medical Affairs for Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida.  Prabhakaran discusses in detail the means of harvesting organs from preborn babies in abortion procedures without using a feticidal agent to stop the baby’s heart before the abortion begins.  Using a drug to kill the baby before dismemberment is of particular concern to tissue procurement companies, which purchase the body parts and sell them to researchers, because using such a drug renders the baby’s body unusable for many researchers.  To make money off the baby killed by abortion, the baby must be killed in the abortion without injecting a drug.  However, abortionists have a very serious reason for using a feticidal agent, such as digoxin: the federal Partial-Birth Abortion Ban.

Prabhakaran explains to undercover CMP investigators, “So some people train to just document that like, you know to comply with the Partial-Birth Abortion Ban, you basically have to say, ‘I intend to utilize dismemberment techniques for this procedure.  So every time you do a procedure, that’s how you document.  So, like, there’s like a checkbox, so it would be before the procedure, you do your evaluation, you write, ‘I intend to utilize dismemberment techniques for this procedure.’”

Prabhakaran claims she never uses digoxin to kill the baby before beginning the abortion.  CMP explains that she “relies entirely on the ‘checkbox’ to ‘document’ her intent in the abortion to certify compliance with the federal law: ‘I’m not doing digoxin, and we’re just going to document and there’s never been a problem.’”  By claiming that she intends to kill the child through dismemberment abortion, the abortionist can harvest saleable body parts from the still-living child.  

When Texas Right to Life prioritized the Dismemberment Abortion Ban for the most recent session of the Texas Legislature, the abortion industry insisted that “dismemberment” was not a medical term.  The recent CMP video is further proof that dismemberment abortion is a known and widely used procedure in the abortion industry.  Even the abortion industry recognizes that “dismemberment” is the most accurate way to refer to the barbaric process by which an abortionist tears a living child limb from limb until the baby bleeds out and succumbs to death.  Likely the loss of significant profits is a factor in the abortion industry’s challenge of Texas’s newly passed Dismemberment Abortion Ban.

Despite recent legal setbacks, David Daleiden and CMP continue to release never-before-seen footage of the inner-workings of the abortion industry.  Their work has shown how the abortion industry operates outside the public eye.  Although Planned Parenthood, America’s largest abortion business, tries to distract with pink-themed “women’s health” initiatives, the shocking videos from CMP show the ugly truth.  Planned Parenthood is first and foremost an abortion business, driven by profit.  Not only do the abortionists at Planned Parenthood end the lives of hundreds of thousands of preborn babies every year, but they also betray the women they claim to serve and tortuously kill the babies in abortion in order to maximize their profits through the sale of body parts.