NBC creates TV series based on Wendy Davis´ failed run for Texas governor

Since failing to derail the Life-saving legislation of House Bill 2 in 2013 and subsequently losing her bid for governor of Texas in 2014, Wendy Davis has reappeared in the media only a handful of times – often to cheerlead for abortion giant Planned Parenthood.  Even her purported work speaking to young people about women’s health – a gig with the American Program Bureau – has been eerily saturated with Planned Parenthood propaganda.  Davis has hardly made a significant comeback since giving up her Senate seat and losing the gubernatorial race.  In fact, she seemed to be fading into obscurity until last week.  

That’s when news was first reported that NBC has picked up a series based on Davis’ life since her run for governor.  Last week, Deadline reported that the network is developing a TV show in which a Davis character “unshackles her inner badass.”  Jennifer Cecil, the show’s writer, is a primetime veteran, with Private Practice among her most notable projects. 

Davis told the Dallas Morning News that the show is “loosely” based on her “personal experience,” but that the project is not meant to be autobiographical and that she does not know who would potentially be cast to play her.  In the show, Davis’ character goes to work at a law firm – for a Republican boss – after losing her bid for governor.

Davis nearly upended the most life-saving piece of legislation that Texas has ever seen, all while standing at a podium in pink sneakers for eleven hours.  Davis’ filibuster is the most glaring and overt example of anti-Life sentiment the Texas legislature has seen.  NBC’s move to portray Davis as the protagonist of a primetime “dramedy” is out-of-touch with mainstream, Pro-Life America.