NARAL president makes revealing comments

NARAL president Nancy Keenan has decided that she will resign her post at the end of this year.  Her comments as to why are quite revealing. 

She fears that she could be holding the pro-abortion movement back.  In an interview she gave to Sarah Kliff at Washington Post, she explained that she was worried about a growing “intensity gap” among the youth.  If Pro-Life youth agree that abortion is a much higher priority than do pro-abortion youth, then “to successfully defend abortion rights, Keenan contends, it needs more young people in leadership roles, including hers.”

 NARAL has talked about a poll of 700 young Americans that was taken in 2010.  According to Kliff, “Most antiabortion voters under 30 (51 percent) considered it a ‘very important’ voting issue.  Among abortion-rights millennials, that number stood at 26 percent.”  Millennials make up 40% of the voting block. 

Clearly, the Culture of Life is continuing to gain momentum.  Young Americans, in a ratio of 2 to 1, understand how important it is that our legislators defend Life!  This poll addresses youth age 18-30; additionally, we have seen a huge surge in Pro-Life activists who are in high school and even younger.  These are great signs for our Pro-Life movement.  Our future looks bright!