NARAL flunks Texas – again

NARAL Pro-Choice America has issued its annual state report card for Texas, which grades the state on its openness to pro-abortion legislation.  
Texans: Take pride in the fact that your state has been given another failing grade by the pro-abortion group.  
The report card is comprised of a series of points that increase with each piece of Pro-Life legislation that is passed.  Therefore, the higher the state’s score, the lower the grade it receives.  Texas Right to Life led the charge in the 82nd Legislative Session to allow a woman to see her child via ultrasound, and to reallocate $64 million away from the abortion industry’s revenue stream – adding dozens of points to the report card.
Those points, added to the Woman’s Right to Know Act, Parental Notification Laws, Late-Term Abortion restrictions, and a Pro-Life governor and state legislature, put Texas over the top.  NARAL has deemed the entire state “anti-choice,” which it sees as a travesty.  
Texas should be joyous for the failing grade.  Abortions have decreased in Texas because Pro-Life legislation is helping to change hearts and save the innocents.  Texas is prevailing as one the safest places for pre-born children in the nation!  Pro-Life Texans should take notice that their prayers are being heard and that tiny Texans are being saved every day from the fate of abortion.