My Dad’s Legacy: Dr. Joseph Graham has left an incredible legacy


Today is my Dad’s birthday. 

One of seven, born into poverty in 1926 in a small Canadian farm town, Dad would be 95 today.  

Dr. Joseph Martin Graham was a college philosophy professor and knew firsthand about the evil and darkness that is seeping into universities all over Texas. 

As kind and brilliant as he was, he was hated for his Pro-Life convictions, even at the Christian university where he taught for over 40 years.

Without telling him we established the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship in his honor in 2008. I remember how surprised and humbled he was at the Houston Celebration of Life dinner when he heard the Fellowship was named in his honor.   

The Fellowship began with just eight students on eight campuses. Last week, we welcomed 30 new undergraduate students to work on 20 campuses. Three of these Fellows will be leading brand new groups at UT-Tyler, Texas A&M-Kingsville, and Texas A&M-Corpus Christi.  

This means we have 56 Fellows in total on 24 campuses. 

Imitating Dad’s unflagging efforts, the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellows are trained by us to be faithful every day: We are not called to win. We are called to be faithful. 

While they face persecution, vandalism, and abuse on their campuses, they never stop fighting, and they certainly never quit. 

Friend, the Fellows are the reason I have hope for the future. The Pro-Life movement is in great hands. We desperately want to outlaw all abortions in Texas. But we also have to reach people’s hearts and minds to build a Culture of Life. 

Only when our culture respects Life will every life in Texas be valued and cherished. Our battle starts on our college campuses and with the college Fellows.  

Please consider giving a gift of $50, $350, or $1,000 today. Help the Fellows fight back against the daily anti-Life attacks they face.

Dad knew that the fight for Life begins with education. He gave his life to educating students and equipping them to defend Life.

He knew that there is a sad direct correlation between the amount of college education a person receives and the more likely they are to become pro-death.  

The advocates of death seek to corrupt and indoctrinate students and create a future dominated by the culture of death. This is why we must work harder than ever to educate and equip young Pro-Lifers to be voices for the voiceless.  

To educate more students and Texans, we must make financial sacrifices. If we want to save more lives, we must fight harder than ever before.

Dad knew the Fellowship was the most important long-term program in the entire Pro-Life world. No other effort equips and empowers more young Pro-Life leaders than the Fellowship.

Will you give a gift to save lives? Will you help the Fellows stand for their Pro-Life convictions?

Like my father did during his lifetime, you have fought in defense of Life for years. We need the Fellows to continue our fight for Life for the years to come.

Your Fellows need you today. Give a gift now.


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