Mourning the loss of a Pro-Life student activist

The Pro-Life movement in Texas mourns the loss of a vibrant advocate for Life.  Daisy Baez Estrada, a 19-year-old student at Blinn College, passed away unexpectedly on Sunday in an accident while attempting to cross the street.

Daisy, a native of Conroe, Texas, acted in a Pro-Life short film produced by two of her close friends.  Texas Right to Life had the privilege of getting to know Daisy during the summer of 2014 when she and her friends entered the Montgomery County Right to Life Pro-Life video contest.

Their video, “Would You Take Action?” won first place in Montgomery County Right to Life’s contest, and the teens became eligible to present their video at the National Right to Life convention held in Louisville, Kentucky.  Texas Right to Life traveled with the teens to Louisville, and Daisy’s team won first place in the national competition. 

When asked why acting in the short film was important to her, Daisy replied: “Being Pro-Life means not only saving lives one by one.  It means seeing the lives that are impacted by abortion.  I never knew the emotional and physical pain of abortion myself, but after witnessing it in others, I can say that being Pro-Life is lending a helping hand to those who have no one else beside them.”

The accident on Sunday, in which Daisy’s friend Brian Gonzalez was also killed, was a tremendous shock to the community.  We pray for the family and friends of Daisy and Brian.  The Pro-Life movement has lost a passionate and talented young woman who witnessed to the dignity of all human Life.


Daisy is pictured above with her friends Christian Quincena and Jeremiah Velasco after their video won the national competition.