Mother who chose Life: "She was such a gift from heaven"

Embroiled in game-changing political debates about abortion, Ohio is poised for major Pro-Life changes in 2016.  The state may succeed in barring abortion mills from disposing of the steam-cooked bodies of aborted children in public landfills, and 2015 saw progress on closing the state’s seven remaining abortion mills – down from fourteen just two years ago.  The state has also seen great support for the Heartbeat Bill, which would protect babies with a detectable heartbeat (which is possible mere weeks after fertilization) from abortion. recently released a compilation of detailed, personal abortion stories from Ohio mothers who chose abortion and others who chose Life. 

Among those who chose abortion, one openly shared her regret over the decision.  Two others acknowledged that they ended their children’s lives in abortion, but hold that the decision was right at the time of their abortions.  A third post-abortive mother – a recovering alcoholic – seemed emotionally divorced from her two abortions.  The feature also included the touching stories of two mothers who chose Life.  Below we explore their touching stories.

Brittany Davis found out she was pregnant while she was in jail, having been arrested for drunk driving.  Her life was unstable, and she decided to have an abortion.  However, on her drive to the abortion mill, she made a wrong turn, and ended up at what she thought was the abortion mill where she had scheduled her appointment.  The facility was actually the Women’s Center in Sharonsville, a pregnancy resource center (PRC). 

Davis told the receptionist she was there for her abortion appointment, but after PRC staff provided Davis with a free ultrasound, and Davis saw her child moving on the screen, her son’s life became real to her, and she never went for her abortion appointment.  Liam is now 8 months old, and Davis credits her wrong turn with saving his life.  “I didn’t realize that he would really save my life.  I’m so glad I didn’t go, and I made that wrong turn.” 

Another mom featured in the video, Aleisa Yusko, chose Life for her baby, Nora, who was diagnosed with Trisomy 18 in Yusko’s second trimester of pregnancy.  Trisomy 18 is a frightening diagnosis, and many babies with the chromosomal abnormality do not survive long after birth.  Yusko was overwhelmed by the prognosis, and initially considered aborting Nora.  However, a friend reminded her that everyone dies at some point.  Yusko thought, why not let Nora’s Life take its natural course?  And the Yuskos are so glad they did.

Nora was breathtakingly beautiful at birth.  The family arranged hospice plans in case Nora’s condition rapidly declined after birth.  Perinatal hospice ensures that babies and families are cared for through the process of saying goodbye when the prognosis is uncertain.  However, Nora defied the odds.  She lived to be two years old before suffering medical complications that culminated in her death.  Aleisa says that knowing and loving Nora was a “huge blessing,” noting that “she was such a gift from heaven, and it was her time.”  Aleisa realized that her faith had prepared her for her journey with Nora, even though she never expected to experience something like having a baby with Trisomy 18.