Miracle Baby Born Smaller than iPhone Defies Odds

After miscarrying one of her twins at seven weeks, Amy Basham received the unexpected news that her other baby was still alive. However, the joy was short-lived when a routine ultrasound at 22 weeks revealed that her preborn daughter, Daisey, had a total bowel obstruction, which limited her growth and threatened her survival.

Amy needed weekly monitoring and scans, but the extreme morning sickness and excessive amniotic fluid made her feel uncomfortable and breathless.

She planned to have a scheduled C-section at 37 weeks, but Daisey couldn’t wait, and Amy went into premature labor at 35 weeks.

The closest NICU hospital was full, so Amy had to travel over two hours by ambulance to a hospital that could help Daisey survive.

When Daisey was born, she was smaller than an iPhone, weighing just 3lbs 9oz. She had a tube up her nose to help her pass everything from her bowel, which she couldn’t pass herself. When she was just one day old, Daisey underwent successful surgery to remove the bowel obstruction, and she was able to go home with her parents when she was three weeks old.

Amy and her husband, Kurt, are grateful for the time they have with Daisey now, after going through the worry of her premature birth. Even when Daisey wakes up in the middle of the night, mom and dad are grateful because for so long, they could not hold her or see her.

Daisey is now doing well and is a happy baby. She weighs more than four times what she weighed at birth. Despite the challenges she faced early on, Daisey is thriving and bringing joy to her parents every day.

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