Mid-Abortion Change of Heart

Imagine for a moment that you are a woman going in for an abortion.  You have just begun the several step process, when you realize that this is not what you want.  You recognize that it is a baby, a baby that you now want to keep.  However, the abortion is already in motion.  What do you do now?

Luckily, there is a new groundbreaking program to help moms who choose life mid-abortion.  A Chicago Pro-Life group, the Pro-Life Action League, has announced a union with Resurrection Medical Center and The Women’s Center to assist women who change their minds after commencing a second trimester abortion.  Together, the groups have created a protocol to deal with this situation.

Women who indicate that they have had a change of heart during the procedure will be directed to The Women’s Center, a pregnancy resource center in Chicago, which will alert Resurrection that the woman will be arriving soon for medical care.  Resurrection will do an initial evaluation and transfer the woman to the obstetrics wing where the necessary steps will be taken to prevent the abortion procedure from claiming the life of her unborn child or posing medical risks for the mother.  The Women’s Center will continue the relationship with the woman, providing emotional and material support throughout her pregnancy and delivery.

Sister Donna Marie Wolowicki, C.R., CEO of Resurrection, is pleased that the hospital is able to help with the Pro-Life cause.  “I am so pleased the Resurrection Medical Center is able to be a small part of the beautiful work that you are all doing for the unborn,” Sr. Donna Marie told the Pro-Life Action League. 

Ann Scheidler, vice president and director of sidewalk counselor training for the Pro-Life Action League, was equally excited about the partnership.  “Never before have we had such a streamlined process to save the life of a child after the abortion procedure has been initiated,” said Scheidler.  “This alliance with Resurrection Medical Center is an example of the way Christ’s Church is meant to work together for the good of His most vulnerable.”

Scheidler also said that sidewalk counselors have met several women who have reconsidered and want to keep their babies even though the abortion procedure has started.  Hopefully all cities will follow Chicago’s lead and give women the hope that all is not lost, even after beginning an abortion.