Michigan woman found dead following abortion

A Battle Creek, Michigan woman was found dead just days after undergoing an abortion.  The 24-year-old’s identity has not been released, but her grandmother said the young mother leaves behind a 1-year-old child.

The woman underwent an abortion on June 30, but at the time of initial reports, police did not know where the abortion had been committed.  Detectives have many questions about what happened to the woman, who was found dead in her mother’s bed in the basement, according to Battle Creek Police Detective Sergeant Troy Gilleylen.  “There was no [sign]of any foul play or any external injury or anything appeared to be out of the ordinary for us,” said Gilleylen.

The woman allegedly sought hospital care while experiencing severe abdominal pain in the wake of the abortion procedure.  The hospital prescribed pain medication before discharging the woman with instructions to follow up with a primary care physician.  She died before she would ever see another physician.

While details of this woman’s case are yet to be released, her story is chillingly similar to that of many abortion victims.  Abortionists are notorious for committing shoddy abortions that leave women injured or dead, being unavailable for follow-up care in her direst moments, and refusing to take responsibility when identified as perpetrators of abuse.

Colluding with the malfeasance of abortionists are legal systems that fail to hold abortionists to the same strict medical standards of legitimate medical professionals.  Instead, abortionists are allowed to practice unencumbered by oversight, leaving the collateral damage of innocent lives in their wake.  June’s Supreme Court decision on Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt only served to perpetuate this injustice toward women and preborn children by reinforcing the damaging federal precedent that abortionists’ ability to profit supersedes women’s right to protection from the predatory antics of Big Abortion.

Operation Rescue reports that the nearest abortion mill to the Battle Creek woman was Kalamazoo Health Center Planned Parenthood, which has been responsible for other documented emergencies and employs an abortionist who was involved in the death of another 24-year-old, Tonya Reaves, in 2012.  Tonya Reaves also left behind a 1-year-old son.

Autopsy results for the Battle Creek woman are expected by the end of the month, and should help detectives identify exactly what happened to her.  Meanwhile, the public is asked to assist in the investigation by submitting any information that could help detectives.