Michigan Clinics Investigated After Aborted Fetal Remains Found in Dumpster

On February 26, 2010 the bodies of seventeen aborted babies were found in trash bags in a dumpster used by the WomansChoice Lansing abortion mill in Lansing, Michigan.  The discovery was made by Pro-Lifer Chris Veneklase who had spent weeks observing the staff toss large black bags into the dumpster.  This shocking discovery led to a seven month-long investigation of two WomansChoice clinics.  Although no charges will be brought against the clinic for this atrocious act, there is a continuing investigation into the improper incorporation of WomansChoice under Michigan law. 

Veneklase had grown suspicious that the abortion mill was improperly disposing of bio-hazardous material because during his weeks of observation he had not seen a bio-waste disposal van come to the location.  After a preliminary search of the dumpster revealed aborted fetal remains, Veneklase contacted Monica Migliorino Miller, director of Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.  Veneklase and Miller conducted dumpster searches through March 2010 and their findings were shocking and heartbreaking.

They discovered seventeen large trash bags that contained the aborted remains of the seventeen babies, as well as bloody surgical material and used urine cups.  Veneklase and Miller photographed and documented all of their findings.  Sadly, they were told by the state that it is not illegal for abortion mills to dispose of the crushed remains of aborted babies in dumpsters, as long as they were fixed in formalin solutions as were these babies.

The catalyst for the official investigation was the fact that these bags were not only labeled with the full names of the women who had the abortions, but they also contained patient materials including the names of the doctors who had committed the abortions.  The investigation came to an end on October 22, 2010 with upsetting results.  While the patient information discarded probably violated Michigan law, due to a legal technicality, WomansChoice clinic could not be held responsible for improper handling of patient records.  

The investigation was not in vain, however.  It was discovered that the owner of the WomansChoice clinics in Lansing and Saginaw had improperly incorporated the clinics under Michigan law by failing to have a licensed physician as part of the facility’s incorporation.  This investigation is ongoing and will hopefully yield a more favorable Pro-Life outcome. 

Another positive outcome of this horrendous discovery is new legislation introduced by Michigan State Representatives Rick Jones, Bob Jenetsky, and Joe Haveman that would require Michigan abortion mills to either cremate or bury the remains of aborted babies.  As a society, it is time that we respect the sanctity of life.  We cannot sit idly by as abortion clinics kill the unborn, and then literally treat them as garbage.  A Michigan Pro-Life group is planning a public funeral ceremony for the seventeen babies in which the Pro-Life community hopes to achieve some justice and closure for these innocent victims.