Michael King – Texas Right to Life Ambassador Spotlight

The Texas Right to Life Ambassador Program partners with individuals across Texas to promote Life principles and values in their communities.  Michael King, the Texas Right to Life Ambassador for Lavaca County, embodies this mission incredibly well, in addition to his callings as a devoted husband, father of four, and nurse in training.  Read our interview with Michael here.


Why is taking that work to your local community is so crucial?


Many might view view the Pro-Life movement as a fight that solely takes place in Austin or Washington D.C.  Although the politics may occur in those places, the battle to change hearts and minds takes place on every street in America.  Local grassroots involvement is the epicenter of change.  Every touch we make can potentially change a family’s life and save a life.  Thus, working in our local communities is the best place to stand for Life, producing the most impactful results.  By working on the streets where we live, we’ll eventually change the policies made in halls of government.


Why is being active in stopping abortion and euthanasia so important?


Abortion, an attack on the sanctity of human Life, is the crucial moral problem of our day.  As a pastor, I see the bleak course on which our nation is headed and I feel compelled to act.  My involvement with Texas Right to Life allows me another opportunity to practice what I preach.  I want to do more than speak on Pro-Life issues. I want to play a role in changing minds and correcting the course of our nation.  Defending Life with my friends at Texas Right to Life gives me the chance to be involved in a practical way and to recruit more workers.  The need is ample; the workers are few.  I want to be found working to end the tragedy that is abortion.


How do you live out the Pro-Life mission in your life and job? 


I openly advocate for Pro-Life issues from the pulpit.  I have never shied away from preaching the sanctity of Life.  Perhaps some pastors fear being accused of politicizing the pulpit, but I have always viewed the Pro-Life cause as a moral issue, not a political one.  Outside of preaching, I try to look for opportunities to represent my faith.  To me, the Gospel is inherently Pro-Life.  I also wear Pro-Life gear frequently, which tends to catch people’s eyes also.


You are a nursing student in addition to a pastor.  Why is boldly embodying Pro-Life values in your field of work especially important?


I think pastors need to articulate Pro-Life stances clearly and frequently.  Simply saying we are Pro-Life is not enough; we must step out of our comfort zone and make our voice heard.  That also requires us to minister in love and truth to those who are hurting and who are facing tough life situations.  The church needs to stand alongside those individuals with prayer and tangible help.


On the nursing side, I have a lot to learn in my future role as a nurse.  Yet, I can say that I hope I am not muzzled by the law.  I want to serve hurting people, and I pray I get the chance to help them make Pro-Life decisions.


Michael continues to provide us support through his ministry as a pastor as well as his efforts in the Ambassador Program.  Texas Right to Life would like to express our thanks for Michael and his service.

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