Meet Pro-Life Hero Stephanie Klick and help us send her to Austin!

Stephanie is a longtime friend of Texas Right to Life, and has been an outspoken Pro-Life advocate in North Texas. Klick has promoted the sanctity of innocent human life in all stages, including the unborn, human embryos, and patients whose lives are devalued by hospital ethics committees due to disability or illness.

As a nurse, Stephanie has stood with families who have faced the draconian Texas law that threatens the lives of the ailing and disabled.  Texas Right to Life has been proud to rely on Stephanie to serve as a patient advocate in these difficult situations, and Stephanie has effectively helped transfer patients to more appropriate care settings as well as facilitated continued treatment so that patients could recover.

Please come meet and/or support this Pro-Life champ!  Texas Right to Life needs Stephanie in the State House.

You are invited to come meet Stephanie this Thursday night, July 12th at the Fossil Creek Golf Club. The 6:15 pm reception is open to everyone at no cost.

For those who wish to support Stephanie financially, there is a 5:30pm private host committee reception for those who contribute $50, $100, $125, $250, $500 or more. This is an opportunity to visit privately with many of our current and future strong Pro-Life leaders who are uniting behind Stephanie in the July 31st runoff.

Fossil Creek Golf Club
3401 Clubgate Dr.
Fort Worth, Texas 76137.


RSVP by responding to this email, donating online, or by calling Kim Watts at 214-236-1053.

To learn more about Stephanie, visit

Even if you can't attend, please consider giving to the Texas Right to Life PAC in order for us to continue helping Stephanie and other pro-life champs!