Meet an Exemplary Ambassador, Gary Meier

Since Gary Meier first joined the ranks of the Texas Right to Life Ambassador Program in January 2019, he has been making waves for Life in Harris County!

To begin his community outreach, Gary set a daily goal to meet three to five adults to ignite purposeful conversations about Pro-Life issues.  In his conversations, he encourages folks to check out Psalm 139:13-16.  Gary’s intent is to change the hearts and minds of others with whom he comes in contact through education so all can be better informed on the abortion issue.  Most of the time, the people he meets believe in Christ and understand we are called, as Christians, to lead and encourage others to believe in Him.  Gary often asks people he engages if they think of preborn children as their neighbors.

Every month, Gary distributes about 50 “Why Pro-Life” books by Randy Alcorn.  Gary also meets regularly with leaders of local pregnancy resource centers and adoption agencies to strategize new ways to offer additional specific personalized information and counseling for others, including post-abortive resources.

Gary and his family have been active members of Hosanna Lutheran Church in Houston for 36 years.  Until two years ago, his church was without a pastor for about a year.  Up to that time the church had been largely silent on the issue of abortion.  When the eight-member Call Committee was formed, Gary gave each member the book “The Marketing of Evil” by David Kupelian and encouraged the committee to focus on reading at least the last two chapters to make their pastoral recommendation.  As a result, his new church leadership has now been vocally Pro-Life for two solid years.

Last summer Gary’s church hosted an outside block party that more than 400 non-members from the local community attended.  With assistance from Texas Right to Life staff, Gary set up a table at this event to provide educational materials and talk about the Pro-Life message.  At this table, he distributed more than 100 TRTL t-shirts, “Why Pro-Life” books, and other informational materials. 

Texas Right to Life is so thankful for Gary’s Pro-Life efforts in Harris County!  Gary is one of our many Texas Right to Life Ambassadors across the state who work to see their own communities protect innocent human Life.  Through the hard work of Ambassadors like Gary Meier, we look forward to the day when Texas protects each and every life, from fertilization until natural death.



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