Make this the largest March for Life ever!

Friend —
Can you make a last minute trip to Washington, while we still possess the right to assemble and freedom of speech?
On Monday, January 23rd, we will join hundreds of thousands of other peaceful marchers in Washington, D.C., to show our elected officials and Obama’s media that no matter how much they assault the sanctity of life and despise Pro-Lifers like you and me, that we'll always stand up and defend the unborn, the crippled, the elderly, the sick, and the unloved.
We're in a culture war, and we need every person to join us at the front.
Join us in Washington, D.C., on this Monday, to remember the 55 million+ unborn humans whose lives have been lost by abortion.  If you cannot join us, send a gift right now so that we can send someone in your place.
Make no mistake: the March for Life is one of the most impactful events in which Pro-Lifers can participate to show solidarity in rejecting the relativism of pop culture.  Marching for Life demonstrates to the whole nation that Life is valuable, must be protected at all stages, AND that we are watching our politicians, AND that we must not be ignored.
Now, more than ever, is when the nation needs to hear our voice.
If the defense of human life is so critical to all Americans, how did a majority of voters elect Obama, the most pernicious advocate of death, to become our 45th President?  And do not fool yourself:  the next presidential election remains his to lose.
Let the abortion advocates hear you and hear Texas Right to Life. Speak for those who can't speak for themselves! Defend every single innocent human life, born and unborn, by attending or sponsoring someone's attendance in this most important March for Life right now.
For the first time, Texas Right to Life is hosting a delegation of Pro-Life college students at the March for Life.  But we need your help.  If you cannot join us, send a Pro-Life college student to this March. These young leaders have the desire and the energy to represent you and lift every voice: the born and the unborn.
These future leaders have blazed trails for the cause on their campuses, and their reward as Texas Right to Life’s Generation Now Scholars is to join us in Washington, DC, to meet members of Congress, to meet national leaders of the movement, and to walk peacefully up Constitution Avenue, proving that they, too, must be heard and acknowledged.  We will end the March in front of the Supreme Court of the United States with silent prayer for our leaders, our country, and freedom from the bondage of abortion, euthanasia, destruction of human embryos, and all attacks on life.
Not only will you support another needed voice in the March, but your investment to send a college student Washington, D.C., will bloom when he or she returns to the college campus energized and equipped with a network of Pro-Lifers across the nation.
Please send $25, $50, $150, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 by immediately clicking this link to send a student to represent you in Washington, D.C., on Monday

Support the counter-cultural resistance today! 

This March for Life is the biggest and last before the epic November election.  Join Texas Right to Life and our Generation Now Scholars in sending Obama and his cabal a message they can’t ignore.

Yours for Life,