Make history in Galveston!

Friend —

Planned Parenthood, Wendy Davis and Battleground Texas think the area around Galveston is going to elect another candidate who will hand over taxpayer money to their bank accounts.

They also think that candidate will help make it even easier to send teen girls into their abortion centers without their parents' knowledge!

That's why they've made Galveston County a priority election to win and are sending activists from across Texas to devastate the area with lies.

We're not going to let this happen.

For the first time in years, we have a chance to turn Galveston into a Pro-Life stronghold and we will not let this slip through our hands.

That's why Texas Right to Life proudly supports Wayne Fairthcloth for Texas House of Representatives.

Wayne Faircloth is a strong Pro-Lifer who lives and works in Galveston. He wants to make sure his community has the chance to fight for the values they believe in — Life — and not for Planned Parenthood's bloody coffers!

Will you join us and fight the lies in the largest Pro-Life block-walk in Galveston County's history?

We plan to walk in large groups to neighborhoods of independents and other Pro-Lifers who can change the direction of Galveston and the area around it.

We support Wayne Faircloth because, with him, we will fight back the millions of dollars the abortion industry pays to elect their favorite candidates to do their bidding in Austin.

Kick Planned Parenthood and Battleground Texas out of our childrens' lives and protect Life by joining us for the largest Pro-Life block-walk in Galveston County's history on Saturday, October 11.

Here is the schedule:

10:30 – Meet at Texas Right to Life's office where we will brief volunteers.
11:00 – Eat Lunch provided by Texas Right to Life!
11:30 – Leave in a caravan to Texas City.
12:30 – Arrive in Texas City, divvy up sheets and routes.
1:00 – Start walking
4:30 – Regroup and depart

Contact me, Emily Kebodeaux, at 713-782-5433 to let us know you want to attend, or email

Let's make history for Life!

Yours for Life,