Thank You for Making Madeline’s Pro-Life Fellowship Experience Possible!


Madeline Hill is a junior at the University of St. Thomas in Houston. She wants YOU to know that younger generations care about Pro-Life issues!

Madeline Hill is a college student in our Pro-Life scholarship program, the Dr. Joseph Graham Fellowship. She serves as vice president of  Celts for Life at the University of St. Thomas. Once she obtains her Bachelor’s degree in biology in May 2022, Madeline plans to attend physician assistant school to specialize in women’s health care. She will show women the compassion  and empathy they deserve and will exemplify her Pro-Life values in the medical community. Although she strives to lead by example now as a college student, the Fellowship inspired her to go further with her Pro-Life efforts. 

Madeline was moved to tears when thinking about how many opportunities the Fellowship has provided her. Not only is she receiving a monetary scholarship for all of her Pro-Life efforts, but the Fellowship has helped her  see the world differently. She understands the need people have for access to Pro-Life resources, so she is grateful that Texas Right to Life supporters are always there to help. Aside from having a personal Texas Right to Life mentor in her arsenal of Pro-Life resources, Madeline has also received many opportunities to network with other like-minded peers.

“Thank you for your dedication to this movement and thank you for believing in me.”

Thank you for your  dedication to this movement and thank you for believing in me. I know at times, older generations may feel that my generation does not care about Pro-Life issues, but they DO! They might just be in need of direction and support as they faithfully venture out to make a difference o their college campuses.  

Madeline also wants you to know that you really do make an enormous impact on these students and they are so grateful for the opportunities that YOU have made for them. Thank you for defending Life! We are the next generation of Pro-Life warriors! 


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