This educational insert is a great way for you to take the Pro-Life message to your church.  It can be used in bulletins and newsletters, at bible studies and Sunday school, on bulletin boards, or just as a conversation piece.  Please contact our office at 713-782-5433 for additional copies.

July Health Care Reform
March Government Health Insurance Mandates
February Planned Parenthood
January 39 Years After Legalized Abortion
December Oral Contraceptives and Abortion
November Diabetes Research
October United Way
September RU 486: A Chemical Abortion
August Rise of the Abortion Movement
July Pro-Life Feminism, Euthanasia
May Stem Cell Research
April Umbilical Cord Blood
December Ultrasound: a Window to the Womb
October Stem Cell Research
September Emergency Contraception Update
August United States Supreme Court
July Pro-Life Feminism
June Houston’s New Abortion Mega-Clinic
May Fetal Pain
April Euthanasia
March Emergency Contraception a.k.a. The Morning After Pill
February China’s One Child Policy
January 37 Years After Legalized Abortion
December Stem Cell Research
November Planned Parenthood
October United Way
September Health Care Reform
August Abortion and Hispanic Women
July Violence, Abortion, and Civil Rights
June Judicial Nominations
May Women and Abortion
April Abortion Law in America
February 81st Legislative Session Priorities
January 36 Years of Legalized Abortion


December New Pro-Life State Representatives
November Euthanasia
October Breast Cancer Awareness
September Judicial Nominees
August Presidential Candidates on Abortion
July Abortion and African-Americans
June Planned Parenthood
May Terminal Sedation
April Adult Stem Cells
March Operation T4
February Pro-Life Voting: Single Issue Voting?
January 35 Years After Roe v. Wade
December Human Cloning
November Pro-Life Feminism
October United Way
September Amnesty International
August Planned Parenthood
July Prenatal Testing and Down Syndrome
June Pregnancy Resource Centers
May Partial-Birth Abortion
April Euthanasia: Devaluing Human Life
March Female Feticide in India
February Amniotic Fluid: A New Dest of Stem Cells
January 34 Years After Roe v. Wade
December Abortion and Social Security
November Effects of Birth and Abortion on Teens
October Voting Pro-Life: Single Issue Voting?
September Planned Parenthood
August Abortion Reporting
July Pregnancy Resources
June Futile Care Policies
May Fetal Pain
April Umbilical Cord Blood
March Abortion & Suicide
February Abortion & Public Opinion
January 33 Years After Roe v. Wade
December Genetic Testing
November Abortion Law in America
October U.S. Supreme Court Judicial Nominations
September Euthanasia
August Abortion and “The Exceptions”
July Types of Abortion
June Frozen Embryo Adoption
May Cloning
April Will to Live
March Pro-Life Work in Austin, TX
February Planned Parenthood
January 32 Years after “Roe v. Wade”
December A More Effective Pro-Life Movement
November Abortion Worldwide
October China’s One-Child Policy
September Conscientious Giving
July Frozen Embryo Adoption
June In Vitro Fertilization
May Euthanasia
April Pregnancy Resources
March Women and Abortion
February Planned Parenthood
January 31 Years after “Roe v. Wade
December Voting Pro-Life: Single-Issue Voting?
November Nutrition and Hydration
October The Myth of Overpopulation
September Umbilical Cord Blood
August Fetal Surgery
July Abortion & Public Opinion
June Teen Abortions
May Unborn Victims of Violence
April Abortion Complications
March Partial-Birth Abortion
February Fetal Pain
January The Right to Life Movement after 30 Years
December So-Called Emergency Contraception
November Oral Contraceptives and Abortion
October Abortion & Breast Cancer
September Human Cloning
August Stem Cell Research
July RU 486: A Chemical Abortion
June Planned Parenthood
May Fetal Development
April Parental Notification in Texas
March Euthanasia
February Why Women Choose Abortion
January 29 Years After Roe v. Wade