Life depends on our protection

Folks —

Remember in 2011 when Texas Right to Life led the three-step successful plan to remove $64.3 million taxpayer money from the abortion industry and Planned Parenthood in Texas?

Well, they want this blood-money back (that’s your tax money) and are scheming how to do just that.

With the liberal media in their pocket, the abortion industry is spreading lies that they offer mammograms when they don't even own mammogram machines!

They're spreading lies that Pro-Lifers don't care about women and that we took away the healthcare of millions of poor women.

No doubt you've heard them say that Pro-Lifers are trying to set women back 40 years!

Please don't dismiss these lies. Polls show that their baseless attacks are working.

We must raise immediately $36,453 to fight back. Please pitch in $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500 right now!

With the liberal media behind them, they're attacking Pro-Life incumbents and candidates across Texas with mailers that paint us all as anti-woman.  Simply because we redirected health care dollars to agencies that cover a full spectrum of services and do not profit from abortion, the abortion minions are working to replace Pro-Lifers with pro-death legislators who will restore our taxes to their multi-million dollar abortion business!

If you think Texas is safely Pro-Life, think again! The abortion industry wins with lies—lies to you, to your neighbor, to voters, and sadly, to pregnant women.

Help me protect legislators who are in their cross-hairs.

Friend of Life FirstName, Truth is our most effective weapon. Over 4,000 real healthcare clinics across Texas serve women; these agencies are not in the abortion business.

You won't hear about that in the news, though. So, help me tell it!

Already, Pro-Lifers have stood by our side and contributed $4,640 towards our goal of $36,453.

But time is running out. We only have nearly 15 days until election day.

Will you click and follow this link right now and donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or even $2,500?

Life depends on our protection. Please don't let the abortion industry win. Donate to this emergency campaign right now.