Legislators to hear amendment to protect disabled children from discriminatory abortions

Under current Texas law, parents and abortionists are allowed to discriminate against disabled children in the most deadly way: by aborting them.

Now, Pro-Life legislators seek to protect these disabled children from discrimination by removing all loopholes in current Pro-Life laws that allow the abortion of preborn children with fetal abnormalities or disabilities.  The amendment, intended for House Bill 2510, would also prevent Texas hospitals from using taxpayer money to foot the bill for these discriminatory abortions.  Fetal “abnormality” (or disability) refers to a range of conditions that can be diagnosed in utero.  These include conditions like Down syndrome, which affects Ben, the young man in this touching video:


WATCH: 19-year-old Ben Sunderman's reaction to learning he was accepted for a job will make your day — (click video for audio)

Posted by Nightline on Friday, April 17, 2015


In the video, Ben learns that he landed an important job.  His excitement is palpable, and his parents are as enthusiastic as Ben about the good news.  This loving acceptance is the outlook that every child born with an abnormality deserves.

Encouraging parents to abort their children simply because they are not deemed perfect prior to birth perpetuates a discriminatory quality of life judgments by medical professionals (an attitude we also see reflected in the Texas Advance Directives Act).  Many parents attest that they did not realize until after giving birth how perfect their children truly were – disabilities, “anomalies,” and all.

At Texas Right to Life, we stand with the legislators who work to stop medical discrimination against people with disabilities—born and unborn.