Legislators push to boost abortion profits, defund real options for pregnant women

Assaults on Pro-Life policies are to be expected from the radical left as the Texas Legislature debates and ultimately votes on CSHB1, the Texas state budget for the 2016-2017 biennium.  Yet, the utter disrespect for Texas mothers and children, born and unborn, further proves just how far the abortion industry’s elected agents are willing to go to promote abortion on demand and aid the for-profit abortion industry.

Blatant attacks on the state’s extremely successful Alternatives to Abortion program illuminate the anti-Life and anti-women nature of the abortion left.  In an attempt to eliminate assistance to pregnant women and mothers, the Alternatives to Abortion program is the Pro-Life target of choice.  Twenty amendments have been filed that would either reduce or completely zero out funding to adoption agencies, maternity homes, social service agencies, and pregnancy resource centers.

These centers provide real, material, emotional, and parenting assistance to pregnant women – unlike abortion mills and their affiliates that seek to usher girls and women in and out of their doors as quickly as possible to maximize their profit.

Of these twenty amendments filed, 12 have been proposed by Representative Borris Miles (D-Houston), who represents an area surrounding the largest abortion mill in the nation.  Miles specifically targets the state contractor for the Alternatives to Abortion program, the Texas Pregnancy Care Network (TPCN), which is the first non-profit organization in Texas to receive the Seal of Excellence award and has been evaluated and rated favorably by the Standards for Excellence Institute.

Excellence in truly assisting women means nothing to the abortion industry, because centers and people who aid pregnant women are a threat to their business model and profit.

Miles is not the only legislator who has these services for women and children in his crosshairs, the usual zealots who rally against Pro-Life, pro-women policies have stepped up their game as well.

Representative Jessica Farrar (D-Houston) plans to resume her aggression toward women rather than actually helping them.  She plans to propose amendments that target the TPCN with redundant audits and an amendment to undermine the Women’s Right to Know booklet to allow unnamed and unregulated organizations to edit the booklet that was already drafted and approved by medical experts.

Austin Representative and a mouthpiece for the abortion industry in Texas, Donna Howard (D-Austin) is joined by Representative Joe Moody (D-El Paso) in targeting the Texas Women’s Health Program (TWHP) by changing the formula for gauging the program’s success, trying to render it unsuccessful.  This is in direct response to Texas barring abortion facilities and their affiliates from participating in the program.

Representatives Celia Israel (D- Austin), Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie), and Trey Martinez Fischer (D-San Antonio) have also expanded their abuse of women’s services in the 2015 Legislature.

$233 million taxpayer dollars have now been allocated to Women’s Medical Health Services in CSHB1.  The Texas Legislature needs to ensure that the Life-affirming social service needs of Texas women are being met with this funding increase – not lining the coffers of abortion providers.

The abortion industry has never been about aiding and advancing women, but rather running a for-profit business that feeds off women who desperately seek help.  These above amendments prove the abortion industry’s sole devotion to their pocketbook.  The legislators who pursue these attempts to undermine all the substantial advances made by the Texas Pro-Life movement to actually serve women clearly illustrate that their allegiance lies with a brutal industry that would rather choose to close their doors than offer real services and real options to women seeking real help and a chance at life.