Leaked CMP videos provide harrowing look into annual abortion industry conference

On Wednesday, GotNews released many hours of undercover footage on YouTube filmed at an abortion industry conference by journalists from the Center for Medical Progress.  This footage could not be released by the CMP because the organization was bound by a restraining order sought by the National Abortion Federation. 

In a statement released in the early hours of Friday morning, GotNews vaguely explained the video leak: “Before the videos were locked up by Congress. Now they are free for the public and state authorities to make sure the requisite wrong doers see justice.”  The videos are being used as crucial evidence in the federal investigations into Planned Parenthood that are underway.

The YouTube video playlist’s description says, in part:  “David Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) were censored by court order from publishing more videos detailing gruesome practices by Planned Parenthood.  That court order is unconstitutional. In an exclusive leak by GotNews.com, we show you the videos that the courts and the liberal baby murder establishment do not want you to see.  Daleiden, who has been a friend to GotNews.com’s editor and founder Charles C. Johnson, did not turn over the material.  This material was turned over by Congressional whistleblowers not subject to the court order.”

The footage was filmed at the National Abortion Federation’s highly guarded annual conference in 2014.  Pro-Life journalists from the CMP posing as fetal tissue buyers had an unprecedented front-row seat to the conference.  When NAF learned that the CMP possessed footage of their highly-guarded event, NAF naturally sought to keep the contents of the disturbing footage out of the public eye.  They obtained a restraining order preventing the CMP from releasing the footage. 

But the videos are finally available to the public, and they are more disturbing than we imagined.