Kroger Shareholders Urge Company to Cease Funding for Abortion Travel Expenses

Two Kroger shareholders are planning to demand this week that the grocery store chain stop its “charitable contribution” funding from paying for employees to abort their unborn babies. Instead, this funding could help families in need, giving them the resources to give their children all that they need.

Thursday, June 22, the annual shareholders meeting will take place in Cincinnati, Ohio. These two Pro-Life shareholders, Tom Strobhar and Lou Eichhold, plan to introduce a resolution that demands accountability for the company. With this resolution, it will demand that Kroger’s new abortion travel benefit be revoked. 

Rachel Citak, an attorney and president of Cincinnati Right to Life, told Newsmax that Strobhar and Eichhold intend to share a Pro-Life video message at the meeting before calling for a vote. They are also requesting “greater transparency in Kroger’s charitable contributions,” Citak states. Their resolution will ask the company to share how much it has spent on abortion travel thus far and to immediately revoke the policy. 

Kroger’s “charitable contributions” to end human life have risen in the past year. Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade last year, Kroger pledged they will cover up to $4,000 in expenses for their employees to travel out of state to abort their unborn babies. 

“There is hostility in the workplace … and if we support families, then let’s do something about the resources that impoverished moms need like formula, food, clothes, wipes, diapers,” Citak told OAN. “… Employees deserve better than abortion.”

Kroger is not the only large company sending a message to their employees that children are an inconvenience and are paying to end the lives of their preborn babies. Major entertainment companies like Walt Disney, Warner Brothers, and Netflix, as well as tech giants like Google, Apple, and Microsoft all now offer their employees money to travel for elective abortions. Yelp, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Lyft, Citigroup Bank, Amazon, JP Morgan Chase, and Tesla are just a few of the others.

There have been civil rights complaints on some of these large companies for allegedly discriminating against pregnant employees. They have been offering to pay for their travel expenses for abortions, but allowing no additional benefits for women who choose Life for their preborn babies. 

Soon after announcing this new policy, Right to Life Action Coalition of Ohio sent a letter of protest to Kroger executives, signed by almost 70 Pro-Life leaders from across the state. 

“Any medical procedure designed to willfully take a human life cannot be considered as ‘health care,’” they wrote. “While we are acutely aware that there are many women in Ohio who are facing difficulties during pregnancy, abortion is not the answer.”

We applaud Tom Strobhar and Lou Eichhold, as well as all of the Pro-Life shareholders in Ohio, for taking a stand for Life! Because of their courage, countless preporn babies could be saved from abortion across the country. 

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