Kenya Approves Pro-Abortion Constitution

In August 2010, Kenya approved its first constitution since 1963 when the country won its independence from Great Britain.  Kenya’s parliament proposed and passed the constitution, and then the citizens of Kenya voted to ratify the new constitution.  While there was an absence of violence and seventy percent approval for the document, several Pro-Life organizations and Republicans politicians in the U.S. are concerned with the process and the outcome.  The two main issues are the very strong pro-abortion language included in this new constitution and the questionable financial and political support from the Obama administration that helped to get it passed.

The constitution includes legal and medical language that will lead to abortion on demand.  Section 26 of the constitution states abortion will be allowed when in the “opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger, or if permitted by any other written law.”  This vague and unrestricted clause will likely be interpreted to allow for abortions in almost any circumstance.  Public opinion polls have shown consistently that the majority of the population of Kenya is Pro-Life, and it is an injustice that they are now bound by a constitution that includes no restrictions of any kind on abortion.

Republicans have called into question the support the constitution received from President Obama and his administration.  U.S. laws currently prohibit the government to fund or advocate either for or against abortion.  In supporting the Kenyan constitution, which drastically alters current abortion laws in Kenya, it is possible that the Obama administration broke the law.  Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) has documented that the Obama administration has donated at least 23 million dollars to various organizations in Kenya that advocated a yes vote.  They also peddled their influence.  The Obama administration actively campaigned for passage of the constitution: Vice President Joe Biden flew to Kenya to speak in favor of the constitution, and according to the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, “promised millions of dollars in new aid if the people only voted for the new constitution.”

 The Obama administration has not provided a clear reason why the passage of the Kenyan constitution is in the best political interest of the Unites States.  They have stated that “political reform” was needed in Kenya and international stability is always a good thing.  It should be noted that Obama’s father was from Kenya, and his personal ties to the country no doubt influenced his political involvement.

While it is uplifting that the people of Kenya came together and nonviolently voted for a constitution, it is troubling that a Pro-Life country is now saddled with a constitution that opens the door for abortion on demand.  The fact that our President had so much to do with its passage and furthering his abortion agenda is also unsettling.  Please pray that the people of Kenya are not deceived into a culture of death centered around abortion on demand.

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