Keep Texas Pro-Life! Join the fight to pass life-saving legislation!

Friend —

So there I was, encircled by a diabolical conga line of abortion supporters who were exclaiming “Hail Satan” and other chants. I can't even put into print some of the words shouted at me and Pro-Lifers by the angry rent-a-mob funded by Planned Parenthood, NARAL, MoveOn, and the International Socialist organization.

Just another day in the life of your average Pro-Lifer.

Actually, even the official UK Church of Satan in England has denounced them as too extreme. I can't make this stuff up.

Whipping themselves into a frenzy, these Wisconsin Wannabees carried lewd posters and did whatever they could that they thought would shock the encircled Pro-Lifers and cow them into fleeing. Suffice to say, these dark angels had obviously never encountered the steeled determination of Pro-Lifers, never mind a group of Life Defenders actually in the throes of battle when the lives of thousands of human beings are on the line.

Abortion supporters flood the Texas Capitol to undemocratically disrupt legislation.

This death dance would continue until the hearing on House Bill 2 ended at midnight. The peaceful resistance proclaimed the truth and professed their faith in the God of Life as the angry mob shouted at them for hours.

Meanwhile inside the hearing, our quite majority dominated. An unprecedented crowd of over 2,000 showed up early to testify for the passage of Pro-Life legislation. We know that our side doubled the forces marshaled by the agents of death, but you would have never known that by the way the media covered the hearing.

As I write this, there's a massive Pro-Life rally with Gov. Mike Huckabee and other Pro-Life heroes. We're fighting for Life but tremendous resources are required to make this week an historical success. Send $50, $200, $750, or even $2,500 for the Austin efforts right now.

Abortion supporters surround and tried to drown out Pro-Lifers in prayer at the Texas Capitol, some yelling “Hail, Satan!”

Friend, we have never had to fight so many brutal battles in one legislative year. Now, we have depleted our reserves and must act on faith that you will step up when victory has become possible. $20, $100, $250, or $5,000 given right now will go entirely toward the passage of Pro-Life legislation.

Can you financially support the battle?

We have made a decision to bring all necessary resources to Austin for this final Special Session.

You know very well that the media will not give us fair coverage. We will have to take matters into our own hands if the truth is to get out. What happens in Austin must not stay in Austin. We must tell the entire state and world about the war being waged in the Pink Dome. We must use print media and email to reach the traditional audience and Facebook and Twitter for the new generation of activists.

Paid abortion supporters aim to take-over the Texas Capitol and stop life-saving legislation.

Every hour people are seeking more information about our fight to pass Pro-Life legislation. We need your help to guarantee success this week. We could easily fall short of the goal.

Consider the following facts:

— We are in the Second Special Session.
— We did not pass one Pro-Life bill in the regular 140-day 83rd Texas Legislative Session.
— We did not pass one Pro-Life bill in the first 30-day Special Session.
— We have 22 days left to pass one Pro-Life bill that should save thousands of unborn Texans every year.
— While many want this bill, the hill that needs to be climbed before July 30 is very steep.

Send $20, $50, $150, or $1,000 to finally get us to the top of this mountain right now.

Your help is so needed immediately. Thank you for all you do to protect Life!

Just your average Pro-Lifer,