Keep Representative Connie Scott in the Texas House.

Keep Connie Scott in the Texas House.  Connie is a strong advocate for the Pro-Life cause, and Texas Right to Life PAC proudly endorses her re-election bid. Sadly, her opponent is a pro-abortion advocate.

When challenger Abel Herrero served in the Texas House, he voted against a ban on third-trimester abortions and opposed parental consent for minors before undergoing an abortion, an outright assault to parental rights, and protection of minors.

Pro-Life Representative Connie Scott has achieved 100+% Pro-Life voting record while in the Texas House.  Connie supported the landmark Sonogram Law and voted to fund the Alternatives to Abortion program.

Connie will continue to be an outspoken advocate for LIFE in the State House.  Unlike her opponent, Connie does not waver in protecting innocent human life; she votes to protect LIFE every time.

We need Connie’s bold leadership in Austin, TX for LIFE.

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