Keep JM Lozano in the Texas House.

JM Lozano has been unashamed of his Pro-Life convictions in the Texas House.  Re-elect Representative Lozano to help protect the unborn.

State Representative JM Lozano shares Texas Right to Life’s belief that innocent human life must be protected from fertilization until natural death, including protecting the rights of the ailing and disabled to direct their own health care decisions.  

His opponent, former State Representative Yvonne Gonzalez Toureilles, earned 100% score from NARAL Pro-Choice Texas.  She’s also received over $50,000 from Annie’s List, a pro-abortion PAC. Gonzalez Toureilles opposed the Sonogram Law and opposed a ban on third trimester abortions.  She even jeopardized the safety of pregnant teens by opposing parental consent before an abortion.  

Yvonne Gonzales Toureilles was voted out of the Texas House once and wants to return as a Planned Parenthood operative. Teach the abortion lobby that their henchmen are no longer welcome in the Texas House.

Visit to help JM return to Austin to protect Life!