Further Evidence: Kamala Harris Colluded With Abortion Businesses

Recently released court documents reveal further evidence that anti-Life Kamala Harris colluded with the abortion industry while attorney general of California. The revelations come as part of allegations by attorneys representing David Daleiden, the citizen journalist at the head of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP). Daleiden is fighting bogus legal challenges from the abortion industry after publicly revealing their illegal trafficking of human body parts obtained from aborted babies.

Daleiden told media, “Planned Parenthood, NAF [the National Abortion Federation], and the California Attorney General beginning with Kamala Harris colluded to silence my reporting on illegal fetus trafficking and to obstruct justice in ongoing investigations of their practices.” Beginning in 2015, CMP released undercover videos showing abortionists discussing altering abortion procedures to procure more saleable body parts, haggling over the price of trafficked body parts, and laughing over the corpses of dead babies.

According to attorneys representing Daleiden, Deputy Attorney General Johnette Jauron under then-California AG Harris effectively admitted in May 2021 that she gave NAF video footage obtained in a raid of Daleiden’s apartment in 2016. As Texas Right to Life previously reported, Harris sent agents from the California Department of Justice to seize property from Daleiden’s apartment, including recording equipment and unpublished video footage from CMP.

Jauron testified in the Superior Court of San Francisco in May of this year that she “provided NAF with everything that I provided Defendant [Daleiden].” Daleiden’s attorneys stated that this implies NAF received video footage obtained in the apartment raid.

The attorney general’s office continues to deny any abuse of power, stating, “The exchange reflects that there were multiple issues being discussed by the multiple participants in the conversation, and while somewhat inartful and overbroad, neither of the identified sentences provide a factual basis upon which this court can find the existence of relevant evidence.  There is none.”

Daleiden requested correspondence between NAF and the attorney general’s office, a request which the office refused to honor. Amid this continued stonewalling, there seemed little hope of proving Daleiden’s claim; however, further evidence surfaced in the form of billing records from attorneys for NAF.

Records filed in August showing billing for attorneys associated with NAF’s civil suit include Alexandra Laks, who billed $262.50 to “coordinate review of new videos.” Although the billing information does not provide additional details, the entry raises further suspicion because the event was dated April 6, 2016, the day after the raid of Daleiden’s apartment.

“No discovery was provided by Mr. Daleiden’s attorneys in civil cases filed by PP and NAF at that time,” attorney Brent Ferreira told Fox News. “The reference to new videos can only relate to the videos seized pursuant to the search warrant.”

He added that “this case is the most egregious abuse of prosecutorial power that I have ever seen and I was a trial and appellate lawyer in the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office for [30] years.” What makes the corruption even more shocking is that the abortion industry has donated tens of millions of dollars to Harris’s campaigns for elected office.

Daleiden said, “After the new evidence in NAF and Planned Parenthood attorney billing records of illegal collusion with the Attorney General’s office, and the on-the-record admissions from the prosecutor, the Superior Court has now ordered the Attorney General to produce further testimony about the extent of the office’s coordination with Big Abortion special interests in manufacturing the bogus and unconstitutional charges against me and my colleagues.” 

Daleiden has wrongly been ordered to pay millions to abortion businesses and faces the possibility of jail time for revealing the crimes of the abortion industry. He and his attorneys continue to fight the corrupt order. Daleiden’s case demonstrates how far the influence of the powerful abortion industry reaches. Instead of the state bringing the perpetrators of a crime to justice, California has ignored the clear evidence of wrong-doing with the trafficking of baby body parts and instead wrongly tried to punish the citizen journalist who uncovered and documented the crimes.

Daleiden concluded, “No matter how hard Planned Parenthood, Kamala Harris, and their associates have tried, the truth can no longer be buried.”

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