Justin Bieber Takes a Stand Against Abortion

Teenage pop sensation Justin Bieber has admitted in an interview with ‘Rolling Stone’ magazine that he is Pro-Life when it comes to abortion.  The almost-seventeen year-old Canadian is no stranger to the issue of abortion.  His mother, Patricia Mallette, was eighteen when she discovered she was pregnant with Justin.  Though not married to his father, she chose to give Justin life and has raised him as a single-mother in a Christian home. 

Justin has not been shy about his Christianity, saying that he knows he is going to heaven, “As long as you have God in your heart and ask for forgiveness of yours sins.” Justin also ends every one of his shows with “God loves you.” However, the sixteen year-old has been the subject of some controversy after his interview with Vanessa Grigoriadis of Rolling Stone.  When he was asked his opinion on abortion he responded “I really don't believe in abortion…it’s like killing a baby.”

In Rolling Stone’s online edition, the Bieber article left out an important part of Justin’s comments on abortion.  In the print edition, Justin is quoted saying “I really don't believe in abortion.  I think it [an embryo]is a human.  It's like killing a baby.” (Rolling Stone added the parenthetic [an embryo]to the article.) Rolling Stone has since printed a retraction to the online article and a link to the original print version, available March 3, can be viewed online. 

There has been some negativity to Justin’s comments.  Many from the pro-abortion left have called Justin’s comments ridiculous and unwarranted, stating that the sixteen year-old should not have an opinion in the abortion matter.  KaDee Strickland, a guest on ABC’s The View stated that “[Bieber] won't be in that position because he cannot give birth.” She added that “he doesn't have a choice like that.” Strickland and Joy Behar (who recently called Pro-Lifers evil, immoral, and stupid) said Justin’s comments on abortion were irrelevant because of his age. 

It is encouraging, however, to see that many have come to Justin’s defense.  The more right-of-center host on The View, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, disagreed with Strickland and Behar saying “I think he is a young man, not a little boy, who has a huge impact on people, and I think we should value all opinions of youth.  I think it is important.”  The author of the Rolling Stone article, Vanessa Grigoriadis, also defended Justin and the questions she asked him.  “I think that anyone who has as much sway in popular culture as Justin should be asked all questions.”

Many of Justin’s fans, and those in the Pro-Life Movement, are applauding his stance.  A Facebook Page has been created called “I Love Justin Bieber’s Pro-Life Views.”  Fans are then encouraged to write to Justin telling him how much his Pro-Life stance means to them.  We applaud Justin for standing up for Life and his mother Pattie for giving Justin the opportunity to thrive.  We hope this is an indication that younger generations see the atrocities of abortion and are growing into strong believers and defenders of Life.

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