Judge rules to allow funding cuts to Planned Parenthood

A State judge ruled today that Texas can launch its new Women’s Health Program without Planned Parenthood.

Planed Parenthood, in a bid to maintain taxpayer funding, had asked the judge to place a temporary restraining order on a new Pro-Life rule banning abortion providers and their affiliates from participation in the revamped Women's Health Program, which goes into effect January 1.  Judge Gary Harger denied that request today.

Elizabeth Graham, Director of Texas Right to Life, responded to Judge Harger's ruling:
“Once again, we are thrilled that a court has agreed with the Texas Legislature and has upheld the will of Texan taxpayers.  Judge Harger has reaffirmed the state’s right to keep tax dollars out of the abortion industry. 
“This is about women’s health, and taxpayer dollars should not be spent to prop up a dirty industry.  Rather, we should help low-income women by funding legitimate healthcare centers that offer a wide range of services.”
The Texas Women's Health Program, recently taken over by Texas from the federal government, will officially launch tomorrow.